Halloween Freebie Number 4!

I keep sharing all these Haloweeny freebies, so I figured why not make a week of it!?

So the deal is, I may post them anywhere! Sunday's was a Facebook Fan freebie!
Monday's was on TpT!
Tuesday's was on the blog and TpT
Wednesday's is on, well here, but also Instagram!
So keep a look out! and be sure to follow all my hangouts, too!
So here's a little craft I whipped up yesterday when I had no voice! Easy Peasy! And if you like it, I have an apple version in my apple-icious printables and a pumpkin one in the Pumpkin No-Prep pack!
We listened to Frankenstein on Speakaboos (it's a free story) then the kiddos filled out the BME or Beginning, Middle, and End retell chart on their own.
Just click to download from Google Drive

Happy Haunting!

A Frankie freebie!

Tonight I wanted to share a little last minute idea I had last night!
I've loved those paint chip Frankenstein's and always wanted to figure out a way to use them and still fit it into our busy day. Well, last night we went to Lowe's so I snagged a pile of green chips.

And wouldn't you know, when I dragged myself up this am my congestion and earache had left me with NO VOICE! We all know how fun it is to teach with no voice, right!
Actually it always starts out great because the kids are super quiet and whisper too.

So I took advantage of the peace and we did this little craft-I did each part under the doc cam and they followed along-I didn't make patterns and I cut the hair for the girls while they did morning work. Then we wrote about our little Frankies' measurements to practice using our rulers again.
We measured his height, width, longest scar, shortest scar, and mouth. As you can see, we went a little wild with the sharpies and scarring!
You could use this any old way, we just needed to measure!

I think they are pretty cute!

Plans for a very short week!

It's true.
God spake saying all teachers deserve a break this Halloween...
at least the teachers in my district!
I don't even care that my "fall break" is only two days...
because one of those days is Halloween and the other is the day before Halloween!
Can you hear the angels trumpeting?!
PTL People!!

But we still have 3 days, so here's what we're up to! You'll see lots of practice with rulers...because we really need lots of practice holding and using them! I always forget how hard it is for 7 year olds to handle rulers!

This year I stuck strictly to pumpkins-no bats, no owls, no spiders... not that I didn't want to teach those things, we just have no leeway in our day this year! Right now the only reading instruction is during groups and we have required programs for that time, so pumpkins it is! Which is perfectly ok! I have used the heck out of my Pumpkin No Prep printables!
But you can see I am throwing in a little Frankenstein tomorrow for some extra measurement practice! I snagged a pile of paint chips tonight at Lowe's to make these little guys and figured I could fit some more measuring in!

I'm also using an activity from my Nightsong book companion tomorrow in science. I love this game! I partner the kids up-one's the bat, the other is the moth. The bat is blindfolded and the moth makes clicking sounds. The bat has to guess the direction the sound is coming from...it really is fun, and hard!
These peter pumpkin eater activities were a hit and hilarious! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the interesting writing! haha!

and this work of art as well! Wow! 

I'd love to see what you're doing, so link up with Deedee too!

Pumpkin Week (sorta) and a freebie

I'd love to say I have some pretty visual plans to show you, but I don't! However, I will list a few things and link them! that's close enough!
Honestly, getting plans even in planbook is good for me right now
I planned to do pumpkins last week...didn't happen
I even told those poor babes that we'd have our pumpkin tasting on Friday...didn't happen
I never sent the parent letter home!
So this week it's GONNA HAPPEN!
Cross my heart!
Along with a few other pumpkin-y things, we are reading Life Cycle of a Pumpkin from the ye ol' basal. Our basal actually has some pretty great stories and I pull from it every now and again. The story lessons focus on fact and opinion, so I made this little pre-assessment for pumpkins and fact/opinion! You could always cut the bottom off if you just want the pumpkin part! Just click to download!

So....while I have some reading groups a goin', the kiddos will be reviewing lots! We have fall break...can I get an amen!...next week and we need some major reviewing! So I whipped this up...it only took 3 weeks...ugh.
sometimes I just keep thinking of things I want to add and files grow and grow. so that's ok! Pun'kin' printables! No prep! independent review! yes, please!
And it's HALF PRICE right now too! At least through Tuesday since I got it posted late!

Friday we finally took our first unit test in math and up next are polygons! And every year I forget how much they DO NOT KNOW about shapes! So while I will use the lessons from Math Expressions, I supplement a lot. 
a few other things...our Media Specialist and EC dept. are teaching some lessons with Spookley for Disability Awareness Month. So I'm excited to use my Spookley shapes lesson too! Perimeter is not in the curriculum anymore, but I will use this lesson and we measure the sides of the pumpkins. It's too cute not to use! Then we make pumpkins of any shape we want! maybe a pumpkin shape patch or a shapely pumpkin patch?? (I just updated this unit too!)

SO, to review...
pre-assess pumpkins
teach fact and opinion
describing shapes
Yep, we can do this!

Things that go bump in the night! A HUGE giveaway!

October is the time of year when the creepy crawlies come out!!! Kids are fascinated to learn all about these creatures!! It's the perfect time of year to dive into a little Non- Fiction palooza with your crew. A few of us are teaming up to  bring you some our very favorite resources we've created  to help you teach all about bats, owls, and spiders this month!

Check out the amazing packs we're offering up below!






We're keeping this one real easy. You can enter quickly using the Raffeclopter below. We'll each be giving away our packs to a winner and one lucky winner will win them ALL!! The giveaway is open through midnight on Tuesday. We can't wait to see whoooo all our sweet winners will be! :)

Sub Plan Templete freebie

A few weeks back I posted about my sub woes and a few people asked about my sub plans.
Sub plans seriously, just suck to write.
There's not another word for the emotions they bring near my surface.
It is so hard to explain to someone you may or may not know how to do what you do day in and day out. No matter how many sub tubs, emergency sub plan kits, etc you've bought from tpt, the real deal are the actual plans that go with all that stuff!
I am a little bit anal about what is happening in my room with my kids when I am not there...
ok, a lot anal
I do not want them doing crap work that has come out of thin air. I want our units to continue as much as possible.
like I text throughout the day checking in
It's not very relaxing for me!
So I try to write the best, most thorough and thought out plans I can...when it's a planned absence! those last minute ones are when I depend on my amazing teammates! They have really pulled through for me this week (I'll tell more about that tomorrow!) but when I know I'm going to be out, I certainly expect my kids to be taught what I intended to be teaching that day.
Confession-I DO NOT have a sub tub. I don't know what the hell I'd fill it with! We have to turn in emergency plans at the beginning of each year so I include a very detailed schedule of our day, 2 different Scholastic Magazines with the printables and lessons, a few Kaleidoscope math practice sheets, and that's about it. Last week I left an entire day of activities from my apple printables! Why miss out on apples just because Mrs. Lamb is at a workshop!? (fyi-pumpkin ones are coming soon)

A few procedures we have set in place from day one really help out the flow when a sub must be there.

1. A morning work routine. My kids have the exact same thing to do every single morning. In fact, one of my students writes the flow chart on the board for me now... this doesn't change. It shouldn't change. If I had to come up with some amazing activity each morning, when would I eat? do attendance? check off who got universal breakfast so the First Lady doesn't get upset with me? When would check my email? the answer-the same time I go to the bathroom...NEVER!

2. Easy behavior management aka Class Dojo! When all I have to do is ask students to give themselves points or take one away, that's a job my sub can do also. They also know I can see their points on my phone and so can mommy and daddy. There is no wiggle room here. The behaviors are laid out. If you roam around, errr negative. If you turn in your daily homework ding, positive. A sub sees instantly what our class expectations are. I do however, leave the option to just have students write their names on the board, but all my subs the past 2 years have used dojo.

3. homework-no guess work. Every student has the exact same spelling assignment each night. The words don't matter. Monday is this, Tuesday is this...and it's posted in their spelling notebook. They all have a folder that is turned in. Again, nothing is left to the imagination! They also have a math "remembering" sheet from our math series every single night. Reading logs, math workbooks, spelling notebooks-all stacked together in their bookbags.

Is it always perfect...OH HECK NO! In fact, just a few weeks back, I had a 5 page note left for me by a sub. Did the kids act like hooligans, yes. They took total advantage. Was he a great sub, no. But I expect a certain amount of self-control so I am very tough on misbehavior for a sub. In fact, I read the letter aloud (cue the tears please) and I was simply aghast, distraught, upset, agitated, and downright hurt...let's just say the next two subs had amazing days...
What all this babble is leading up to are my sub plans. All I did was take out the student names for privacy! Feel free to tweak them in any way you need! They are in powerpoint, which is a tad more complicated to type page to page, but I just don't use Word at all! Sorry!
And don't forget to visit Traci and get all her cute sub labels including the heading I used on these plans!

I hope you can get some use out of these too!

Tutorial: How to Download a file from Google Drive!

Hi all! I hope this little tutorial helps with downloading free stuff we offer using Google Drive! I love Drive and Dropbox...I use both! ALL my clipart goes straight into a drive folder...as well as all my blog freebies and FB Fan freebies! 
SO it's important that you know how to save these goodies!

I hope this helps! Happy almost friday! and I have a freebie for you to practice this learning with tomorrow!!

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