Easter Freebies!

I'm posting over at Blog Hoppin' today and sharing my favorite Easter freebies!
PLUS, a new little endeavor, too!

Happy Spring friends!

Five for Friday Seuss Week Edition! {freebie!}

This was our first FULL week in almost a month! Between Leader in Me Symposium, Leadership Day visits, and SNOW it's been kinda crazy. And it's been exhausting too! Nothing like returning work full swing on Read Across America Week! So here's what we were up to this week!

It's an EXTREMELY busy board, but I love it and everyone stops by to check it out! I bought the Seuss Camera app two years ago and I always use it, but this year I had them printed at Walgreens! So cute! and perfect for these little mini expert books! They range from a few about Pokemon, to chicken (as in the food), to Darth Vader (that's mine!) Here's a little tutorial on accordion folds if you need it, but it's really a no brainer! None of mine were perfect! I made 3 per sheet of white construction paper. They just worked on them while they were not in a guided reading group.

I love these! We are adding a little Leader in Me writing to them too, but here's where they hang their art as they finish! They love putting it on the board for "inspiration"! Download it here! You don't have to be a Leader in Me school to use it! I only added the 7 Habits to the large size writing paper! I also included ways my kiddos and I thought the Cat used the habits!

We had a different theme each day! But this is the only one I got a picture of! boo!

happy weekend!
and don't forget the Iditarod Sled Dog Race begins MONDAY! (they moved it back due to weather). So go grab my classroom activities file while there's still a freebie inside!!

what I'm teaching in march

I missed last month...like where did February go?! But here's what I'll be teaching this month! I noted the standards taught if you're curious.

and here's most of the units I use to teach them! We use Math Expressions (2007) for math and supplement a few times per week with partner games, notebooking (I use Blair Turner's interactive notebook and love it!) and extra practice, so these are not the units I use to teach the core of my math. 
I snuck a little writing activity into this unit if you purchase before the race begins on March 7!

I pick and choose lots of activities from this unit. We will use the pot o' coins activity to work on coin counting over $1 for sure! and I love the Blarney Stone writing! perfect for opinion!

more nonfiction practice! We loved learning about Saint Valentine, too!

I struggled finding 2nd grade appropriate tall tales, so I made this! Life saver! and I love reading tall tales!

I love Cara's mystery pictures for practice!

Amy's unit has lots of activities to accompany my lessons!

happy March!

Sitewide TpT Sale!

As I'm sue you know, tpt is having a little sale...
Because Lord knows I don't have enough resources and clipart! ha! I have so much goodness from my friends at TpT, I don't even know what I have anymore!
But that has never stopped me before!

Here's a few March-y things I'll be using!

I love a graphic organizer, Yes I do! I bet you would love this pack of them too!

Tons of silly activities and centers for your special stories!

We started our weather unit this week!

If you loved my Saint Valentine unit, this one is just like it! LOVE these little holiday history lessons!

We'll be getting our Mush on the second week of March! I have these centers for your littles (1st and 2nd grade).

and here's a collection of my most favorite activities with the Iditarod in mind! It also comes with a big freebie tucked away inside! At least until March 7!

five for friday (feb. 20)

long time, no see!
I've been insanely crazy lately, but I am so thrilled with all the great feedback I am getting about the VIP Table and how y'all are tweaking it to fit your needs! That is what this blog land is all about! I love it!
We've had quite the week here in NC as far as weather goes.
Mon-early dismissal at 12:30
Tues-no school (icy conditions)
Wed-No school (cold day)
Thurs- 3 hour delay
today-3 hour delay
I know people up north think we're crazy for cancelling school at the thought of snow, but we seriously do not get snow! We get ICE! and that's about it!  I personally love that our district calls school by dinnertime the night before. It gives time for families to plan. We used to have it called after a "special driver team" drove the roads in our county and school wouldn't be called off until 6 or 7 in the morning! that sucked! So there's my soapbox defending NC!

Anywho, I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday to get back into the swing of things!

We got so much done on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I think having less hours in the day leaves much less down time for me! I'm like a drill sergeant! And boy we got everything done I had planned for the whole week!

I posted this on Instagram Monday! So true!
Monday we finished up time, introduced graphing and surveys with my Penguin Hunt, and wrapped up our Saint Valentine unit!
Both of these are fairly rigorous for my kids. I LOVE this penguin hunt! I know it doesn't look like much, but it is and then some! There are 20 grammar/language questions (all aligned to CC) for students to answer. But they ALSO have to put a tally on which penguin in on each card. Then we gather at the rug, check our work, and make a tally chart of the types of penguins we found. Next, students complete a bar graph (which they are already familiar with) and then I introduce a line plot. It's so much goodness rolled into literally two sheets of paper! I like to give you a bang for your buck! (or three bucks as it is!)

and this baby is loaded with history, nonfiction, character traits, locating evidence, and recall with a fun quiz! I included a flap book, powerpoint that matches the text and is beautiful thanks for some amazing ladies who made clipart just for this unit!, as well as lots of follow up comprehension activities! and there's also a Saint Patrick version!! 

haha, choice B...#starwarsreference
Happy Friday!!

The VIP Table! A management idea for people without prize boxes!

I posted a picture of my new VIP table system a few weeks ago on IG, and well, got a lot of questions, interest in how to run it, and even concerns.
So here's a rundown of the VIP table incentive in my classroom.
What is the VIP table? a group of 6 desks! I didn't rearrange my room at all, just moved kids' desks around.
The Sitballs are normally at one of my guided reading tables. I got them from a donorsChoose grant a few years ago. You can check them out here. I have the small size.

This is definitely something you want to generate with your students. Of course, we all know you hold the key to what the guidelines really are! My only suggestion is that you keep it simple and only choose actions that can be "proven" so to speak.
This privileged seating isn't anything new, just something my hubs and I came up with on a drive one day as I was complaining about the yapping in my class. and the apathy. and the general lack of motivation. It's a great motivator! Will it work forever, no way! But I do try to change it up to keep it fresh. If I had velvet rope, I'd hang it around the table! Go all out! Make it something they want! Decorate the desks! Whatever makes it seem special will have them drooling!
I started 2 days before Christmas break and had no guidelines. Just moved them willy nilly. It built excitement and anticipation. When we returned, we made the VIP rules together.

so there ya go!
Feel free to leave any questions below and I'll get back to you!
and thank you to Creative Clips for the papers, KG fonts, Miss Tiina fonts, Annie Moffatt for the borders, and Graphics by Sarah Beth for the graphics I used!

it's time...back from break plans

as much as I am not ready mentally, physically, or emotionally I don't have a choice!
I have to go back to work tomorrow!
We had a workday Friday
I didn't work
my own personal rebellion I guess
but it only hurts me I guess!
So the best way to prepare is to spend the entire afternoon making plans then posting them on the blog and linking up with Deedee!

all while listening to wiggle repeatedly seriously- at least 20 times.
this shiz cracks us up!
like right now this is my house
Hubs, "give me a song!"
a kid hollers out something, "big, fat butt!" or "jump" or some other amazing musical choice we've let our kids experience, grow up with, and come to love...judge if you must!

Now that I broke down and bought Keynote for the ol' Mac, I can link in my pdf's again!
So click away to find these goods!
well, first you need to click to get to the pdf! There are THREE freebies for Monday! and because I royally messed up the link to my freebie for New Year's Owl giveaway, I'm linking it here too! Enjoy!

and yes, I notice the morning meeting kinda slacked off there...it's because I'm not 100 percent on what I wanna read yet!
I cannot wait to make this Resolutions board again!
they are so, so fun!
and you really do have to think and infer to write these!

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