I Scream, they scream, we all scream for Friday!

Thank you Lord…Friday!
Still have 4.5 days…
plus workdays-I am already dreaming about organizing my closet…my life is sad

today was Ice Cream Day
to be honest, until 9:30 it was 2 kids cleaning the closet floor, 5 kids plus me fidgeting with this dang dinosaur model they started on TUESDAY!, and the rest of the kids organizing the classroom library and Clorox wiping ev.ry.thing

before lunch we surveyed to find out the favorite ice cream flavor in second grade. NO, I mean no one voted for Neapolitan but me and a few others who want to be me. Let me tell you, I was excited cause I was gonna get to take the whole dang tub home for the weekend…and guess what they all wanted when it was time to eat…my Neapolitan!

After gathering the data, we pooled it all together and I made a tally chart, they colored scoops for a pictograph, and 2 of them made the cone for our hallway display. If you look at the cone you can tell 8 year olds made it. This is one of the ways I am learning to let go…it hurts though


After lunch we began fractions. I like to use voices for teaching the vocab…num.er.a.tor!! in your best superhero voice with a Superman pose. And denominator in your best thing crawling around in Hades voice. Hey, it works. Then we usd Amy’s Make a Fraction Sundae activity. They are beginning to ask about this mysterious Mrs. Lemons…


they are pretty cute, but sometimes I wonder what kind of scream bowls they eat from. I mean, some scoops are simply floating in mid-air.

Then after Lab we made our sundaes. They are not scared of the prospect of puking. Gah…ughhh. I couldn’t believe what they were  eating.

IMG_1103   IMG_1104
before meet after

IMG_1102  IMG_1100  IMG_1101

Overall good day, I wish I had time to use Hope’s ice cream unit. Not sure I can devote that much time to it, but maybe next year. I am enjoyed following the pictures!

and fyi…clearance at Michaels $8.99!



  1. Amen sista! Thank goodness it's Friday! It looks like the kids had a great ice cream day! Thanks for the heads up about the cardstock clearance. I need to head to Michael's & check it out! Happy weekend!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. It looks like your kids enjoyed the ice cream!! I actually did Amy's fraction pizza today with my students. One of them saw her name on the bottom of a paper and asked who she was :) Kids are too funny. Have a great weekend!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  3. Yum!! I am planning an ice cream party with my kiddos, too! I think I have to make a cute graph like the one you made!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Holy Smokes! That is a good deal on that paper! I wish that Michaels wasn't a 45 min drive away!

    I was amazed at our last party that the kids were putting chips and stuff from their lunch in their ice cream. Blech!

    Every New Beginning

  5. Just found your adorable blog and became your newest follower!!

    PS I'm having a giveaway and would love to have you join!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog


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