Third Grade Day! End of Year Survival Blog Hop!

The end is in sight.
You can smell the pages of a book you've been longing to read.
But first, we gotta survive the end of the year!
This blog hop is full of ideas to keep your little monsters busy when we all want to be anywhere but school!

Each year my teammie and I do themed days for the last 10 days. One of the kids' favorite is what we call Third Grade Day!
we focus on what 3rd grade teachers like: fractions. And what 2nd graders think 3rd grade is all about: cursive.
fyi-they no longer teach cursive but don’t tell the kids!
The first thing we did was break out the ol’ shaving cream. Remember that shaving cream is the key to being the best teacher ever!

Later we make “Cursive Monsters”!! I LOVE these. I made them last year and it’s quick, fun, and make an awesome display!

step one: fold the construction paper hotdog and write the students’ names above the fold. I cross the line for y’s, f’s, etc. But it is up to you…
step two: have the students color the lines over and over with crayon. I always use black. It needs to be waxy to transfer.
Step 3: refold and rub away. We used scissor handles, pencils, markers, and table edges until we get it to work
Step 4: decorate your aliens, monsters, whatever you want to call them!
here's a little sign you can add to your bulletin board or display!

and our last activity is making an informative brochure to hand out to the FUTURE second graders! I have no idea why I haven't taken pictures of these-the advice is priceless as you can imagine! Each kid does one and we hand them over to the first grade teachers to send home with their kids. I have used this for-eva! Even when I taught fourth grade. They love it!

Pick up this freebie on TpT!

and now for your next stop...Sailing into Second!


  1. Love those! Wonder what they would look like in print?
    Dirt Road Teacher

  2. I am SO doing this!!! We just learn the cursive lowercase letters in 2nd (capital letters in 3rd), so my kiddos will LOVE seeing their names in cursive!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  3. I love the brochure idea! So fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. I actually have the brochure printed and ready to go. I am going to have to fit it in one of those random moments when we are in between crazy end of school shenanigans. Love the cursive monsters. This is great!!!

    Thanks for sharing.
    A Rocky Top Teacher

  5. LOVE your brochure!!!! Used it last year and can't wait to use it again! :)


  6. Love this! I've always taught cursive in 2nd grade but tho year I didn't. They took it our of our TEKS (Texas version of common core). I wonder what it would look like in print?

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

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