A, B, C-YA!

9 days left this year
not that I’m the one counting down or anything
last year we did a full 26 days of an ABC countdown {inspired by Teacher’s Clubhouse and Jessica Winston}
I couldn’t bring myself to plan those days again! It was way TOO much.

each day has a new theme of study
alphabetically of course
includes days like Art day, quilt day, kickball day, etc.
it was a lot of planning even with the help of the Teacher’s Clubhouse plans and sheets
so this year my teammie and I are saying ABC-ya! and doing the last 10 days of school
and I couldn’t resist the 10 days of balloon popping. So the kids are getting 10 themed learning days and a surprise for each day from the balloons. Win-win!

Friday was Day 10 and we loved some beachy fun. All I told the kiddos was to bring a towel, sunscreen, mags, and sunglasses. Of course they are thinking WATER DAY! ha! nope!

We did lots of standard and nonstandard measuring review activities from Amy Lemon’s and Hope King’s measuring units. Loved the whales in Hope’s Unit and we are measuring the dinos tomorrow for Dino Day! I didn’t get to half of what I wanted, but there is always next year!

We also took towels outdoors and read magazines with friends. Isn't that what the beach is all about! We watched a little of Disney’s Ocean, and made Sandy Cup Desserts. Yum-O!

I love the PicStich app! and the US Weeky-old but ain’t that a picture!picstitch

What up next-
Art {we bought real canvases! o-wee!}
Ice Cream Day
Un-Birthday celebration {for summertime birthdays-and we’re baking!}
third grade day {make brochures for next year’s class, cursive monsters, multiplication, etc}
X-change autographs day-memory books
Cleanout Day {self-explanatory and probably a fav since I give them all the stuff I’m tossing!}

enjoy your vacation if you already have it!


  1. I love the balloon popping idea too! We are beginning that this week! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. What a cute way to end the year! Thanks for sharing.


    Fun in Room 4B

  3. How fun! Your kids will have a great last 10 days.

    Chickadee Jubilee


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