last week of school plans!

can I get a yahoo!
it's finally our last week
it's usually always bittersweet
I LOVE-ADORE this class! for reals
they are jam packed with personality!
and that's just my type!
never dull!
and as much as they are all driving me absolutely insane, I know I will miss the fool outta them!
the past week started our 10 day countdown. If you follow in Instagram, you've seen the pictures.
I'm not ashamed to say we've watched a lot of Discovery Education, BrainPop Jr., and flat out full feature films!
They are wired! so it helps!
so here's what we will be up to!

I couldn't fit every detail here, so I will try to explain what fills in all the gaps!
Each day we will work on our Hashtag Memory Books and a Father's Day magazine

we continue our morning work routine each morning. It's habit. they go directly to the basket to get their books. It would really throw them off if we didn't!

Monday-third grade day
read this post to learn about how we make moving up into a day of learning with cursive monsters, a brochure for the first graders, and play with shaving cream-oh, and read this post, too!

Tuesday-Sports Day
we will work on memory books all week until Thursday when they take them home
we have a kickball tournament with my teammate's class and they are pumped. I won't be trying to do anything serious before we win!
I'll be using Bubbly's field day unit's centers throughout the afternoon

Wednesday-Un-Birthday Day
My teammate made a fabulous birthday unit we will use! We will read about other birthday traditions around the world and play a few birthday games from Teacher's Clubhouse.
The kids who have summer birthdays bring in treats, too.

Thursday-Awards Day
that morning we will sign autographs and have some popcorn centered fun with Bubbly's This Year has Been Poppin' Unit
We use Sarah's Hollywood theme for the awards ceremony. We supply the popcorn and the kids bring in toppings and other party treats.
But I still use my Candy Awards because they fit my kids so well! I add to the file each year! and they are customizable so you can add your kiddos names, too! And even though candy might not win me a healthy kid award, they love the idea and nothing is over a dollar! I find it all at Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, or Target.

Since I love these kids so much, I went a little overboard with my end of year gifts. In fact, I usually just give them an award and shoo them out the door! But I went with the popcorn theme and put little books (dollar tree has great Disney reading comprehension workbooks and National Geo Weird-but-True Fact books), movie star sunglasses (from party city), and a few things from Amanda's End of Year buckets in a popcorn container (also party city).
I found that the movie rental store also gives a free rental for each A and lots of bowling coupons, so I snagged those for the containers too! I will add their awards but I like to hand them out obviously!

Friday-Game Day
many kids do not come on the last we are having game day for the ones who do. They can bring whatever they'd like to play. Many of them will want to help clean up the room, too!


  1. Thank you for this post! This is my last week of school too, and I'm feeling so panicked and undecided about what to do. These ideas definitely help! And, I LOVE your honesty about how many videos you've watched! Now, I don't feel as guilty! You're the BEST!

  2. I love your blog! I am starting one today and am checking out other teacher blogs. Would you have any tips or pointers to a first time blogger? I also just graduated with an ECE degree and am still on the job hunt (might sub for a year). I am wondering how everyone has all these cool headers and links and buttons!! :)


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