free watercolor desktop wallpaper

Hi y'all!
I'm sharing a little wallpaper I made awhile back today.

A few weeks ago I shared a wallpaper I made for myself.
I like to have my desktop organized
and when I use an organization wallpaper, I am more apt to move stuff around or trash it!

Of course, there's files on there now!

I had a few requests to share it so here ya go!
It is blank
I figured you may want to make your own headings!

and here's how to add your labels in powerpoint
and I'm sure in any other photo editing software you may have!

open the png file in powerpoint

double click to add text OR Insert > text box
watercolors from angiemakes

If you want the same look, you'll need to have the following two fonts...

and if you'd rather not pay for Catalina, here's a few other options
however, they are all sans serif fonts
"sans" meaning without, meaning they do not have little ticks on the ends!
Megan taught me you should have a sans serif paired with a serif font!

here's some quick links to the fonts above
1. Janda Stylish Script (free for personal use)
2. Catalina Anacapa slab ($10 for this specific one-or get it in this bundle!)
3. Amatic (free)
4. Mathlete (free)
5. Always here (free for personal use)

and speaking of that font bundle...
let me tell ya.
and font bundles are killing me!
but it is such a deal and can you really have too many fonts?
This bundle is only $27!
the Catalina font family alone is almost $400! 

say what?!

I also just picked up this bundle from the hungry jpeg

there always some fonts I have wishlisted over at creative market
and if I'm lucky, I'll snag them in a bundle!

My favorite font stops are:
Creative Market (my achilles heel these days!)
and the hungry jpeg is the newest one!

I hope you find something you love and enjoy the wallpaper!!


  1. Rachel Thanks! I just purchased the Big Font Bundle...or should I say "Fun-dle!" I can't wait to begin using these.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  2. Rachel, I just purchased BOTH bundles! Thanks for supporting my font addiction. Can one have TOO MANY fonts?


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