five for friday (last friday of the school year!)

now=super cuteness.
they had to hatch in the boys bathroom at home!
they were sad to see them go!
the doggies probably were too!
always adventure
read more about hatching quail here

later=kinda icky
these are the quail we hatched 2 years ago. 
they now enjoy a life at the local park.

loving the new outdoor classroom
but it looks like a little church with a pulpit and pews!
it was an eagle scout's project
this was ice cream day
I love that boy's face!
this was the second day of our 10 days countdown 
that used to be a 26 day ABC countdown
until we 
a. got smart
b. or broke
c. or exhausted
d. all of the above
which you can read more about ice cream day here, other days here, here, and more here
3rd grade day, olympics day (on years when there are summer olympics), and so on.
having a new theme keeps me the kids excited and interested into June, which is hard. for me.
we read scholastic news articles, a cool snack each day, and a daily coloring contest which has really kicked it up a notch this year!)

here's the rundown of what themes we do each year:
art day (rice krispy treat paintbrushes, paint canvases, color famous paintings)
dino day (fossil cookies, trading cards, who would win comparing)
beach day (sandy dessert cups, towels, buddy reading, beach boys on the radio)
3rd grade day (multiplication-arrays, EOG practice test)
outdoors day (trail mix, sidewalk chalk, exercising on gonoodle)
ice cream day (ice cream!, ice cream glyph, astronaut ice cream comparing)
game day (last day)
awards and memories day (brunch, slideshow, and candy awards)
sports day (usually field day)
un-birthday day (party planning activity, birthdays around the world mini unit, and eat cake for summer b-days)

sneak peek at my design for carson-dellosa's lookbook!

both boys finished up their regular seasons
we do get two days off before all-star season!
I'll miss it when it's all over
but it's hard to think that way when it's 110 degrees!

I still have 4 more days, but this is the last friday! 
So farewell to Kacey's linky for a few
this linky is all I post most weeks!
bless y'all who still read this ol blog!

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