movin’ on up! and the cursive monsters

Today was “Third Grade Day”, though I like Movin’ On Up Day better I think!
we focused on what 3rd grade teachers like: fractions. And what 2nd graders think 3rd grade is all about: cursive.
fyi-they no longer teach cursive but don’t tell the kids!

The first thing we did was break out the ol’ shaving cream. Remember that shaving cream is the key to being the best teacher ever!


we covered a-f today. It’s all I could take!

please ignore the mess on my table…I hate the messes at the end of the year I accumulate!

After lunch they made the dreaded “Cursive Monsters”!! I LOVE these. I made them last year and it’s quick, fun, and make an awesome display!

this to…

2011 348

step one: fold the construction paper hotdog and write the students’ names above the fold. I cross the line for y’s, f’s, etc. But I do not think I will in the future…just fyi

step two: have the students color the lines over and over with crayon. I always use black. It needs to be wax to transfer.

Step 3: refold and rub away. We used scissor handles, pencils, markers, and table edges until we get it to work

Step 4: decorate your aliens, monsters, whatever you want to call them!

here’s a few during and after


IMG_1120  IMG_1119

2011 344  2011 355  2011 351


and here is a little display sign and directions! click the picture!


Tomorrow is Art Day! CANNOT WAIT! We are stealing a few ideas from you bloggers!


  1. I love the cursive monsters!! Shaving cream is on my to do list over the next few days! I need to get those desks shiny!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I love ending the year with shaving cream, too :)

    Fun in Room 4B


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