bouncy bands to the rescue

Have you heard of Bouncy Bands?
We've all seen big rubber bands stretched across desk legs on Pinterest, and while they worked great-they slipped down when my kiddos rested their legs on them.
A few months ago I was contacted about trying out the new and improved Bouncy Bands! Of course I agreed! Now they feature loops already tied and secured with metal so they won't come undone. PLUS they have two PVC looking things that go underneath to prevent the bands from slipping! genius!

how sweet! they even share it!

what's so great about them? (besides being a North Carolina company...)

Students can release energy while they read and write. (who doesn't)Their feet can play while their hands work! (a teacher's dream!)Bouncy Bands recycle used bicycle inner tubes. (save the Earth!)They don't make any noise. (woo-hoo!)Students of all ages enjoy being able to move while working! (that includes me too!)

here's my opinion...

Interested? COntact Scott at Check out the Bouncy Bands site!

All the opinions in this post are mine. I was not compensated. I received a Bouncy Band to try out in my classroom in exchange for a review.

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