cutting with Kandinsky, drawing with da vinci, painting with picaso!

I must express that Art Day in the 10 day ABC-Ya! has been the most fun I have had in a long time at school. Kids are amazed at “real life works of art”. Starry Night is the end all be all in the room right now. I wanted to share what we have done…so far! Art Day has turned into art 3 days
here are our Kandinsky circles. This requires lots of cutting, but guess who has to do the cutting…that’s right. Busy 8 year old bees who need something to do to keep their hinny in the seats. Below is the pin to the source.

On to famous artists. My teammate Katie is an artist. I wish her creativity would seep into my veins, but until that day, I just use her ideas! With the laptops, students who finished the Kandinsky’s began a hunt for famous artists info. They used a chart to find birthdate, style, famous pieces, etc. She also found art coloring pages. We printed these and let the kiddos choose from American Gothic; The Bedroom, Sunflowers, and Starry Night (all Van Gogh), Sunday Afternoon (Seurat), or Marilyn Monroe (Warhol). Here’s the link to the sheets. The kids kept saying our art was “inspired by…”. We read Love that Dog this year! SO sweet!

They are stunning. Not kidding. nd here's why. A frame makes anything look great! I think I will start wearing a frame around my head!
I was at Toys R Us looking for Hunger Games do dads when I might have wandered to the book section. Thus the art section, thus Doug and Melissa coloring books

$4.99 for 48 page pad! That was enough for both our classes and a few leftover for my little ones at home! I let each kid choose their frame. After finishing their coloring sheet, I cut out the white middle and taped the frame over the coloring page. Then laminated. Freakin’ gorgeous! They will be the backdrop for our awards tomorrow all strung across the window and front board.
picstitch (3)
We also painted yesterday. I know, I know, I could not cut any one of these projects out. They are too much! Here are our pieces in stages. These of course were inspired by Farley. Don’t you like the sequin free-for-all!
picstitch (4)
and here are some more little art tidbits from the past couple of days-canvases before, during, and after painting. Using the bowl made tracing the suns super easy!
IMG_1128IMG_1126  IMG_1131
my Warhol Pop art –the kids thought they were hideous!
Tomorrow is Awards Day. I can’t wait to share our Classroom Academy Awards bulletin board!


linking up with Farley seeing as how we have been glued to her sight while making our paintings today for art day!


listening, lovin-self explanatory
I was up last night thinking about a new blog name. This is what I do when I can’t sleep. It’s too long, what if I move rooms, it’s not me…I have an idea and am working on it…pretty rock n roll!

I had my first tearing up incident about the EOY last night. How is it that I want to strangle these monkeys every day for the last month, yet I tear up talking with their parents about placements for next year, progress, dang awards day gets me every.single.year. I mean I blubber in front of everyone…I don’t care either. I’m known as a crier!

I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. It stems from my grunge stage in 8th grade. I mean I was obsessed with Nirvana y’all. I still love 90s alternative and miss hubby having XM so I could listen to the Lithium station. I have been to Chicago twice together and hubs has been a lot. He wants to live there. I cannot imagine leaving NC. I mean, I TEACH at the school I went to! I’ve lived in the same city all my life. Atlanta-planning a trip to see the Gaints v Braves. Boys love the Giants. I love the thought of the aquarium {whale shark!}, shopping, and heading to Hilton Head afterwards! yippee!

Unbelievable pictures from art day tomorrow. I iphone ie. my camera, died as I was taking pictures today!

movin’ on up! and the cursive monsters

Today was “Third Grade Day”, though I like Movin’ On Up Day better I think!
we focused on what 3rd grade teachers like: fractions. And what 2nd graders think 3rd grade is all about: cursive.
fyi-they no longer teach cursive but don’t tell the kids!

The first thing we did was break out the ol’ shaving cream. Remember that shaving cream is the key to being the best teacher ever!


we covered a-f today. It’s all I could take!

please ignore the mess on my table…I hate the messes at the end of the year I accumulate!

After lunch they made the dreaded “Cursive Monsters”!! I LOVE these. I made them last year and it’s quick, fun, and make an awesome display!

this to…

2011 348

step one: fold the construction paper hotdog and write the students’ names above the fold. I cross the line for y’s, f’s, etc. But I do not think I will in the future…just fyi

step two: have the students color the lines over and over with crayon. I always use black. It needs to be wax to transfer.

Step 3: refold and rub away. We used scissor handles, pencils, markers, and table edges until we get it to work

Step 4: decorate your aliens, monsters, whatever you want to call them!

here’s a few during and after


IMG_1120  IMG_1119

2011 344  2011 355  2011 351


and here is a little display sign and directions! click the picture!


Tomorrow is Art Day! CANNOT WAIT! We are stealing a few ideas from you bloggers!

I Scream, they scream, we all scream for Friday!

Thank you Lord…Friday!
Still have 4.5 days…
plus workdays-I am already dreaming about organizing my closet…my life is sad

today was Ice Cream Day
to be honest, until 9:30 it was 2 kids cleaning the closet floor, 5 kids plus me fidgeting with this dang dinosaur model they started on TUESDAY!, and the rest of the kids organizing the classroom library and Clorox wiping ev.ry.thing

before lunch we surveyed to find out the favorite ice cream flavor in second grade. NO, I mean no one voted for Neapolitan but me and a few others who want to be me. Let me tell you, I was excited cause I was gonna get to take the whole dang tub home for the weekend…and guess what they all wanted when it was time to eat…my Neapolitan!

After gathering the data, we pooled it all together and I made a tally chart, they colored scoops for a pictograph, and 2 of them made the cone for our hallway display. If you look at the cone you can tell 8 year olds made it. This is one of the ways I am learning to let go…it hurts though


After lunch we began fractions. I like to use voices for teaching the vocab…!! in your best superhero voice with a Superman pose. And denominator in your best thing crawling around in Hades voice. Hey, it works. Then we usd Amy’s Make a Fraction Sundae activity. They are beginning to ask about this mysterious Mrs. Lemons…


they are pretty cute, but sometimes I wonder what kind of scream bowls they eat from. I mean, some scoops are simply floating in mid-air.

Then after Lab we made our sundaes. They are not scared of the prospect of puking. Gah…ughhh. I couldn’t believe what they were  eating.

IMG_1103   IMG_1104
before meet after

IMG_1102  IMG_1100  IMG_1101

Overall good day, I wish I had time to use Hope’s ice cream unit. Not sure I can devote that much time to it, but maybe next year. I am enjoyed following the pictures!

and fyi…clearance at Michaels $8.99!


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