linking up with Farley seeing as how we have been glued to her sight while making our paintings today for art day!


listening, lovin-self explanatory
I was up last night thinking about a new blog name. This is what I do when I can’t sleep. It’s too long, what if I move rooms, it’s not me…I have an idea and am working on it…pretty rock n roll!

I had my first tearing up incident about the EOY last night. How is it that I want to strangle these monkeys every day for the last month, yet I tear up talking with their parents about placements for next year, progress, dang awards day gets me every.single.year. I mean I blubber in front of everyone…I don’t care either. I’m known as a crier!

I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. It stems from my grunge stage in 8th grade. I mean I was obsessed with Nirvana y’all. I still love 90s alternative and miss hubby having XM so I could listen to the Lithium station. I have been to Chicago twice together and hubs has been a lot. He wants to live there. I cannot imagine leaving NC. I mean, I TEACH at the school I went to! I’ve lived in the same city all my life. Atlanta-planning a trip to see the Gaints v Braves. Boys love the Giants. I love the thought of the aquarium {whale shark!}, shopping, and heading to Hilton Head afterwards! yippee!

Unbelievable pictures from art day tomorrow. I iphone ie. my camera, died as I was taking pictures today!


  1. I get the same way with my kids. One of my "special friends" who has tried my patience like no other was suddenly absent the last 4 days of school... it was kind of sad not getting to say good-bye to that student.

    It did make for a peaceful 4 days though...

    Every New Beginning

  2. your page looks your newest follower...drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  3. I LOVE Big Bang and Sheldon too! (watching it right now). I'm a new follower! Stop by my blog if you get a chance!


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