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I'm linking up with Erica to share some of my favorite things. Yes, I like things...and I love my family, too! It is possible. Things make me happy and I'm ok with that. I work this second job so I can have things. Now, I'm off my soapbox!

monogram bangle (Sweet Tea Jewels)/antler cuff (Klassy Rounds)

I am in love with these bangles! I want like 4 of the antler ones and they are always sold out! and these monograms are so unique and cute! I just discovered Sweet Tea Jewels on IG yesterday and there are so many I want now!
however, after looking through my feed on IG, I can't really say I am in need of any more!
If you click on the pic, I linked them up for you!

the giving key, alex and ani
alex and ani
lenny and eva
lenny and eva, alex and ani 
bourban and boweties, alex and ani (plume wrap, sister)
bourban and boweties, alex and ani (buddha, compass, mermaid, owl)

layered with love on etsy
alex and ani
don't ask, I don't know what these fonts are and I spent the better part of yesterday trying to figure it out! But aren't they gorgeous! I'll be venturing on a new blog adventure soon (as in when Megan can squeeze it in!) and I'm logo shopping!

fringe booties (The Mint Julep)

aren't these adorable! I got a pair on the cheap from jane or groopdealz!

side table (Target)/clipart (3am teacher) /iPhone 6 plus/gold case (Kate Spade)

anything gold. Seriously obsessed! Hubs is replacing my iPhone 5S for Christmas and I definitely want the super big one! #gobigorgohome 
and if you have a 5, I got this case at Kate Spade Outlet (gaffney, sc) and they have tons of tech there! It's a perfect match for my gold phone!

and here's a favorite that makes all my money go bye bye! If you haven't signed up for liketoknowit, go! Like an IG post (that has their tag) and the outfit deets come straight to your inbox! woot!

Kate Spade bow puffer (sold out)/herringbone vest (j. crew factory) /check vest (j. crew factory)

I'm not normally a vest kinda girl, but these are so cute. I own all these, so I know they're cute! I found the Kate Spade puffer on eBay! Sadly it made my day! However, my herringbone vest came from groopdealz! for half the price, too! They still have them every so often, and here's the link to the deal I bought mine from just in case you're wondering!

skier intarsia sweater (j. crew factory)/reindeer sweater (j. crew factory)

I snagged both of these at 50% off on Cyber Monday. I love anything quirky and it's probably just expected that I wear it daily! ha!

and totes, I just cannot carry anything else! I gotta have a big bag to throw all my crap in! and literally, it is a lot of crap. I try to clean it out every other day! Right now I am carrying the Coach Taxi tote (another casualty of Instagram), and I bought a black Marion Slouchy tote from Tory Burch on Black Friday, but I think I like this one more! Mine is slouchy and won't stand up on it's own which kinda bugs me!

Well these are a few things that I love! Go link up so I can check out your lists, too! I may find more I just need to have!
these are our cards from! I'm in love! and will use them next year for sure!

fyi-these little guys make me more happy, more annoyed, more panicky, and more proud than anything in the world! Merry Christmas!

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