What I'm Teaching ... January

I love reading Kacey's "what I'm teaching" posts, so I thought I'd beg, borrow ...steal the idea and share what I'll be teaching in 2nd grade this month! If you're in need of or curious about New Year's products, I posted on Blog Hoppin' yesterday!

I noted the standards taught if you're curious.
and here's most of the units I use to teach them! We use Math Expressions (2007) for math and supplement a few times per week with partner games, notebooking (I use Blair Turner's interactive notebook and love it!) and extra practice, so these are not the units I use to teach the core of my math. I'll also be benchmarking in 2 weeks! woot! 






Obviously I do not use every activity from every product! I pick and choose what best fits my needs with each class! We know they are all different!! 
Happy Saturday! how many more days til we go back!?!

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