Open and Closed Syllable FREEBIES

I've mentioned before that we use Letterland for spelling and phonics. This is our first official year using it since we were just handed the manual last January.
Anyway, Unit 2 is open and closed syllables. Now, I knew nada about syllable types until like last week. This just is not how I learned to spell! Whole language all the way!
But Letterland uses characters and very intricate stories to explain spelling rules and such. It's pretty interesting actually!
I mean, did you know that Oscar Orange can be happy and say his vowel name if he's protected from the robbing robots by a consonant? yep, bet you didn't! Translation-there's a short vowel sound if the syllable ends with a consonant...
Teaching syllable types to 7 year olds is proving to be a little overwhelming to me, so I have made lots of practice activities and games for us. One I shared on IG yesterday and you can download it here!

I love using scholastic book orders any way I can. I truly don't get many student orders with our population, so I use them in class more! Yesterday students searched the book order for whole titles with 2, 3, and 4 syllables. I took them a little while to get the hang of it, but they did great! The directions say cut and glue the books, but I just had them write the titles. We've been gluing a lot lately! There's also a second page for more practice if needed.


and here are a few activities I found on TpT we've been using as well! and they're all free!
Open and Closed minilessons (I projected these on the screen)
Open syllable sorts (I made sentence strip words with one set and am using the second set as independent practice)
I'll be sharing a few more things as we progress through the next few units on syllables. I like to "teacher-test and kid-approve" things before posting them!

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  1. I always love your book club activities Rachel! My kids go ga-ga over them too! Thanks so much for sharing these!



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