five for fraturday

we started read with someone on Tuesday. It's really a toss up! Sometimes we do great, others notsomuch. I never got around to introducing Work on Words like I was planning. so bump to next week!

We read watched Elmer on YouTube. It's a great narration if you don't have the book. We talked about how Elmer teaches the other elephants to Sharpen the Saw and let loose every once in awhile. Then they designed an Elmer to represent themselves. Of course someone just colored him gray...nuff said. The Elmer is a freebie I found on TpT and the writing and lessons are from Reagan's unit.

Loving our math and reading notebooks! Here's a few lessons we did this week. The 10 frames are from Blair Turner's CC bundle. It's awesome! the other 3 are the FB freebie I shared this week. We focused on making 10 all week and use nickels, pennies, and dimes as well.

I bought this activity this morning actually. I had a few 9/11 activities, but I loved the layout and reading level of this one. The kids were able to work on it while I benchmarked, too! Win-Win! and I know the spelling is horrid, but so sweet...

We still focused on character traits this week. I'm really trying to get ahead on my anchor chart art, but it ain't happenin! The first we did together after watching, the second one I placed traits on the treehouse while the kids reread the story with a partner. Then they chose one and placed it in the right spot. We are working hard on character change!


  1. I love reading Elmer and using Reagan's book study unit. We are doing bad case of stripes in a couple of weeks. I love your anchor chart!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. Yep. Grey. There is always one. I love the little guy who spelled 'person' pusen. Soooooo cute. Enjoyed reading about your week and stopping by your bright and cheery blog.


    Sheila Jane
    Selfie Land

  3. Gotta love the 'ole "bump to next week" tactic! :) I love that Elmer with a flower, too! Precious!


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