A Peek at my Week: Week 3

It's week 3 and we are diving into more rounds of Daily 5 this week! Have you read Katie's post yet? She inspired me to try a few new ideas. This is my 5th year using the D5 format for my reading block. It is different each year; not because I don't like how I did it, but because each group is so different! Last year's group were not "real readers". They didn't come to me loving it. So we ONLY did Read to Self and partner reading to develop that love. I want them to know they can read what they choose. Not have to go to Barnes and Noble and look for a level K book. I know many, many people would disagree about all their books being their choice, but if I am teaching 3 ways to read a book, how can I go back and tell them they cannot check a book out because they cannot read the words? I read magazines daily. I do not read every word! We learn to skim and scan. Read captions. check out illustrations.
Here's my action plan for the week!
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Early bird morning work from Second Story Window
Louder Lili (still working on this week) from Linda Kamp
Sentence Unit from Amy Lemons
Wow vs. Blah sentences from Kelley Dolling
Super Sentences (these are perfect for us to start out with Monday and Tuesday!
Pigeon Unit from Susan Jones (I'm just using one activity from this and we will use more when we do our Mo study!)
Process Skills Unit from me
Bad Case of the Stripes freebie from the Imagination Nook


  1. I would love to discuss Letterland with you! My school teaches Letterland k-2, but we are the only school in my county that uses it. I would like to get some different perspectives about how they teach it.

  2. So many great ideas! Thank you for sharing all of this :) I also have the Blah vs Wow Sentences - hilarious and super-effective!!

  3. Rachel! I just saw your class did the Louder, Lili study! I hope your kiddos enjoyed it!!



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