Christmas in July Day 4: 12 Days of Christmas!

I do love this little gem! It's perfect for that week before Winter Break when the kids are acting like they've never opened a present before and you are doing all you can not to jerk a knot in one of them!
That right there is why I made this! My teammie had the great idea of making them stations for that last week! life.saver! 
There are TWELVE centers in this file! And they are pretty fun if I do say so myself! All are correlated to Common Core that curriculum hat shall not be named, too! And it has great centers/activities from 1st-3rd grade!

and it's marked down half off today only!!

to find it, just click this little sign in my shop! I change the link every day to make it easy for you!

and here's what coming up! You're going to just DIE next week I tell ya!

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  1. I am your newest follower :) I am moving from K to 2 and look forward to looking through your blog to check out your wonderful ideas. In August, when I do my classroom reveal, I am excited to show off our library wall featuring your AMAZING genre poster pack!
    Mrs. Bremer’s Class


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