Christmas in July Day 5: snowed in with freebies

Today's dealio is one I've updated fairly recently...I tend to update things I use year after year!

each year for the past 4 years [since I've been teaching second grade] my team has a "snow day"
we live in southern NC, snow's a HUGE deal to us!
I'm sure if I lived anywhere north of here I'd hate the stuff!
But we take an entire day, decked out in our jammies, and pretend we are snowed in at school.
that includes reading by flashlight-because if you live in NC or anywhere south of here, you know the power is going out! 
SO here's my Snowed in at School!

 so here's a peek inside!
this one is loaded-you could actually do a week long snow theme with this!
above are literacy activities including a reading log specifically for the snow day
fact and opinion writing about the best snow day activity-ours is always making a snowman because we don't really get enough to do much else! I also included an awesome activity online that I learned about from Christina Bainbridge! Kids can put themselves right in a wintry wonderland!
and there are 2 visualizing activities [one funny poem, the other more serious]

above is my favorite-a snowman shaped book review! I made a great bulletin board with this one!
and there is also making paper snowflakes how to writing.

and for some math I have snowman shopping and a snow day snack! yum cream cheese!
I have posted about our snow day a few times-you can see more here and here [and some freebies too!]
tomorrow is the last Christmas deal!
and next week is a whopping ol surprise!


  1. Ummm.. This is awesome! What a fun idea! And it totally got my creative juices flowing. Maybe I won't hate the winters as much this year! (Michigander here...)

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