Christmas in July Day 3:unwrap an inference!

Merry Day 3 of Christmas in July!

Today my Unwrap an Inference is half off! I LOVE these activities!
I made a Valentine version and am working on a few more! They are interactive and challenging!

so how does it work?
There is a read aloud for you to..well, read aloud!
it's all about a gift exchange mixup! and boy are there some OVERreactions 
there are character cards with a short bio about each charactergift cards for each gift givenemotional reaction cards (show the dramatic reactions when kids got the wrong gift!)4 different assessment options-match the wrong gift, match the right gift, match both, and a text clues sheet (cvarying difficulty)gift tags for each gift (with kid names to use for matching which gift goes to which kid)
I know you'll love it!

and here's what's coming up!


  1. Rachel, what is the regular price of this ? it is showing 3.00 is that 1/2 off?
    just asking

  2. This product is adorable, but its not showing as a sale price. When is is going to be posted as a sale item, I would love to get it! Honestly I would pay full price for it, but then I would wait to buy it closer to when I would use it.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals


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