Wishlist Wednesday! Common Core displays!

It's Wednesday, and that means my Owls and I are offering our most "wishlisted" items for 30% off!
click any of the pictures to see all the CCS products in my shop

My best seller, by far, like I don't think another product will ever come close, are my Common Core Performance Standards display for 2nd grade. And 664 of you have them wishlisted! And that's just the one product! I have lots of options, because we are not all expected to display the same things!
My district has been using the CC Standards for 4 years now. I love them. Maybe not the politics that come along with them, but I love the idea that the whole country is held to the same standards! It's kinda awesome really...
but anyway, I have discounted ALL the CCS display products! and I even added little tab dividers to these because they are the ones I use and I'm selfish like that!

I keep my cards in a pencil basket!
I'd take a picture for you if I could!
But I'm kicked out for a while!
Remember to enter the giveaways! These will be discounted through next Tuesday!

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