sunday smorgasbord

I missed out on Five for Friday, so here's another opportunity to catch up on the randomness of my week!

Last Friday was our last day of school
I was exhausted to say the least
why is the last week so hard?!?!
And I had Monday to
completely clean my classroom out
(have all the furniture out in the hallway, nothing is allowed on the floor!),
complete portfolios to send to third grade teachers,
shred portfolios I had worked on last year to make room for this year's,
stuff report cards
gather everything I think my grade level may want to have copied at the print shop next year
put my kids into classes for next year (we group the classes which is great!)
clean my closet before the fire marshal returns in August
and a bazillion other things
because on Tuesday I ended up at the dentist with a broken tooth from a dum dum sucker!
and all-star baseball practice
and on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we had Leader in Me training (woo-hoo)
and all-star baseball practice
and gettin' my roots done!
But here's a few pictures from everything in between!
my little niece is getting two teeth! Of course I lent my hand for comfort! 

my oldest Lamb got braces on Tuesday!

here's how we make classes for the third grade teachers...does anybody else have great ideas?

yum! I missed my freezer meal workshop with my emergency trip to the dentist, so I will be putting it all together this week. Have you heard of Wildtree? It's awesomeness, and actually healthy! This is my 2nd freezer meal workshop. 10 meals for 79$! what?!

and today was spent with this middle lamb at urgent care then the ER. He's fine. Dramatic, but fine! Love him!


  1. Very interested in hearing more about this freezer meal workshop! Spill the beans girl!

  2. Ooh. I have to check out that freezer meal deal! Thanks for linking up girl!

  3. That freezer meal deal sounds awesome! I will have to look into that!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  4. Yes, a busy week! And, about this freezer meal... inquiring minds want to know... Hope to hear more about it.


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