five for friday, dirty feet, and #kindnesscountscampaign

It's been an uneventful week, so I wasn't going to link up with Kacey, but I need to blog!
SO here's our Five for Fraturday!

little man got a new bike helmet. He doesn't ever ride since our driveway is just about vertical, but he's adorable and safe from mom's Monday Made it purchases!

My #kindnesscountscampaigh shirt shipped! 
I love this!! Mean girls suck (I mean, it's a great movie...but that's all!)
In fact, my boys could've used this a little at lunch this year! I ordered it from tee spring after seeing a post on IG

Hubs and I went for an actual lunch date on Sunday at our favorite restaurant. A company had rented out the patio for the day and they were offering free beer. While we did not partake (it was an annoying guy who goes around trying to get you a new roof...saleman-y), we sat by the windows. I knew this was coming. The very intoxicated, very unclassy lady took off her shirt because you need to remove your shirt to play cornhole, right? Well apparently you need to remove your nasty bra as well! I died, literally died laughing! I texted our oldest lamb right away (see above picture). He's such a good kid!

these are what my days consist of and I would never have it any other way!

See those filthy feet? I mowed for the first time EVER in my life Friday. No one has ever let me mow. And no, I don't pump my gas either. It was a good workout and sweat! and they yard don't look half bad either! Oh, and this is also what my days consist games and baseball practices!

Go link up with Kacey so I can see what you all are getting into!


  1. Love the shirt so cute!!
    -Lovely Nina

  2. Looks like you're having a great summer! I miss the days of spending summer nights at the Little League field! What a great kindness campaign. Just ordered my shirt!


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