a peek at my week 1/13

I'm trying to work on a new product...that I need in my classroom this week mind you...
and plan
and watch my Panthers!
Pretty hard to focus, so I'll blog instead!

this week is a little squooshed, so there's not that much to see, but those are always the best weeks if you ask me! We have a field trip that I kinda, sorta forgot! How's that even happen!?
We also started using Letterland district wide and it is a whole new ballgame for me! I grew up and learned in the whole language world! Phonics aren't my thing at all! But I must say it is always enlightening! 
So here's our week-you can click to get a closer look! All products are linked below!
It's penguin time in room 205. I'll be benchmarking all week, but I still like to have my groups because it keeps the kids on schedule. Lucky for me, I have a more than amazing extra teacher for three hours each morning! Each of our k-2 teachers have extra help so we can meet with guided reading and guided math groups daily. We are required to meet with every kid every day, so this was pretty much the only way! I was blessed to have the same person with me (as opposed to most who get two different people that switch off) and not to mention she is a retired teacher with a sense of humor and sarcasm that rivals mine! Math made in heaven!
While kids aren't with a group Monday and Tuesday, they will be on an ELA hunt penguin style!
this is a product I just posted! It meets all the common core standards we have covered in grammar (aka language) so far this year. I also added in a little graphing activity too!

And we are using Amy's Waddle with Me unit for keeping up with our research and writing activities!

So we will continue with groups and she will teach math all week. So that's why it is straight up math expressions lessons. Nothing else!
As you can see we are just wrapping up our Holidays Around the World unit! We learned about Three Kings Day last week since it was Monday! That was our last holiday, so this week in library time we will put it all together using this bubble map.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all our science shenanigans this week with Air! I love this unit! Who knew air could be so fun! We've had balloon races, made water fountains, and made paratroopers! This unit will be ready soon...we are beta testing right now! And I am making close reads to pair with this unit too! I must say it is much more difficult to write than I thought it would be! I have 2 passage and question sets completed, and that took 2 days! But each article will cover a different weather related topic and has three days of questions. They are also leveled, which is what is slowing me down!

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