five for friday penguin style

We started using new rewards for our Class Dojo points. Students have to earn 10 points in a week to "spend". Each coupon costs 10 points. Easy for me, easy for them! These new coupons are tickets from my sweet friend Tara!

as you can see, I am benchmarking (we use mClass). As much as I try to just get in there and get it done, that's not happening this time! Maybe because penguins are more fun?! Students are going on a penguin hop when they are not in a group or being benchmarked! 

Thursday we made our life size penguins. They look so good y'all! I hung them Friday afternoon, but the display is not finished, so I will share next week!
we have been using Amy's Waddle with Me penguin cards to draw and students are filling out these cards to hang with the display! and 

Friday was field trip day! I used to hate them, but now they are a welcome break! We visited our local science center for two classes. One on sound energy (which we haven't done yet and this is a great intro) and another on weather (which I am teaching right now). This was the coolest thing! The kids added drops of alcohol to this mixture and it made it snow!

next week we will get snowed in at school! I'm not a psychic, but I am a teacher!


  1. LOVE your penguins, they are fabulous!

  2. We are moving our learning from the top of the world to the bottom next week and doing penguins, as well! I have your Penguin Hop on my wishlist already. I used Class Dojo last year with my kiddos and loved it. It was a great way to give instant positives. Good luck getting your benchmarks done! ~ Lisa

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  4. I feel your pain with assessments.. Mine are taking FOREVER this time too.. going on two weeks now of testing everyday.. I hate being out of the classroom for it! I also did life size penguins with my kiddos after seeing Amy's post and they LOVED, loved, LOVED it!! Best display ever = win, win!

    That's So Second Grade!

  5. I'm in North Carolina as well! I'm originally from Florida so this whole mclass thing is a complete shock. I'm in Garner...just outside of Raleigh...

  6. Hi Rachel! I've been reading your posts on Blog Hoppin for a while... this evening I'm just checking out fellow NC teacher/bloggers and here you are! :) I'm with you on the mclass, my school helped pilot the program so I'm familiar enough to get them done fairly quickly now! Love your blog design and so glad I found you here!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  7. Great post. The penguins are very cool! I teach in Raleigh and I'm grateful for the help I've had with mCLASS this year. The MOY reading and math benchmarks are finally complete.

  8. Hi Rachel! Just found your blog via Five for Friday. Love all your penguin stuff! Thanks for sharing! We just got finished with our first round of benchmarks and before we know we will start round two end of February! Groan! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.



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