five for friday

Yep, it's Friday...and it was a long time a comin'
Two more days....two more days!

If you follow me on instagram...there's nothing new here! I'm blogging from hub's computer, so no picture access without going through too much trouble!

I got new glasses! They are Vera Bradley in case you're interested...and even come with a matching case...

I had my first student to reach 1,000 in their hundreds boards. They keep these in their desk and can work on them if they are finished with something early.
Yay! {on a side note-this spurred a great race to 1,000...a second student reached the goal today!} and these are from Amy Lemon's Number Knowledge pack.

this has to win pic of the week. These two were finished with the common or proper center (from Amy Lemon's Let's be Thankful pack) and decided the animals should play too...

This was my second week planning online (we did last year, but no longer subscribed to the site as a school). I had foolishly thought I would plan by hand in my pretty Erin Condren teacher planner...nope. I need it online friends! I will be trying out this week to do a final comparison, but so far I love!

our district decided that December was the perfect time to implement a new phonics/spelling program in second grade. Our K-1 teachers use it, so the kiddos are super familiar with the characters and rules within Letterland. While I fully agree we need a phonics program (we have nothing now and are to use words their way) I do feel a training may be see, I learned during the "whole language" times. I do not need sounds to read. I just do it. So it's fairly difficult for me to teach! I literally learned the individual sounds and many rules in my graduate program! Well, woe is me and all, but I will be starting the week after Thanksgiving!


  1. We adopted Letterland this year and I love it as well as the kids. Hope you will as well!

  2. Another "whole language" learner here and I am a good reader that enjoys reading. Like you, I just know the sounds. My first real experience with phonics was my junior year in college!! Craziness! How in the world did we make it this far?;)

  3. I have been using for this entire school year, I love it! I have no complaints about it and every time they update it with new features, it gets even better and so easy to align Common Core Standards to my lessons!

  4. Hi Rachel! I have taught Letterland with my Kindergarteners (without ever having training) and they love it, but you probably would benefit from some training, especially for the higher levels. I use Fundations now, which I reallly like because it is really systematic, and easy for us Whole Language people. I'm just getting into this blogging thing, but I'm in NC, too (Asheville), so let me know if there are ever any meet-ups or anything- I need all of the help and support I can get. :). I love those glasses, by the way.


  5. Thanks for mentioning! I've been looking for an online planner and hadn't heard of that one. Love, love your new glasses!

  6. Hi Rachel - I love your glasses but I'm even more in love with your reach to 1,000 in writing their numbers when they have free time - I'm so using that next year I think. Brillant! Enjoy your break!!
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  7. Love the glasses! I want details about your impression of Planbook! I'm very interested in trying it out, but wonder if the learning curve is worth it and the benefits outweigh the negatives. I currently use a template in powerpoint, but only "built" it for up through the end of December.

    What I Have Learned

  8. I am so in love with those glasses! I wish they sold them around here! I have been wanting a new, good pair of glasses and those looks so adorable.

    Tales of a Teaching Student

  9. Did you figure out which online planning system you like? I've been using planbook, but a coworker has been using planboard. I just signed up for it and started trying it out today. Not sure which I like better yet.

  10. I'm wondering if you decided which you like better - Planbook or Planboard? I'm debating both & not sure which is better.


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