It's a Short Week! My Visual Plans

Sometimes these little weeks came reeeeaaalllly seem long! I am hoping this one flies by!
After some discussion about Thanksgiving last week as we worked on our Thanksgiving Around the World postcards-I'm pretty sure we shoulda just focused on Thanksgiving right the in the US of A! So I found this cute little retell packet on TpT to help us out!
I normally use the Scholastic site for Thanksgiving time, but it's a little too tough for this group. So here's what we will be up to (links after the plans)
I try not to stray from my routine if at all possible. We will still be doing reading groups and early bird book every day!
I'm using Stephanie's ah-ma-zing reading selections for our lessons. On Monday we will focus on pilgrims and on Tuesday we will turn to the Wampanoags.

We are basically finished up with our addition with regrouping unit, so we will be doing centers during math on both days. Small groups will do them with me. I am also loving Abby's Interactive Notebook products. I wish I had planned a little better and used more of her newest pack!
On Tuesday we will make our monthly Snazzy Snack. This year I chose Oreo Turkeys! Yum-O! and easy peasy!
Here's links to the products I will be using:
All About Thanksgiving by Stephanie Stewart

Sum Fall Fun and Pilgrim Party by Katie King
Mayflower Math Centers by Linda Kamp

and I just finished my latest product to go along with our Winter Around the World unit...centers for review! There are nine total, 3 for each holiday {Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Hanukkah}.

We need lots of review this month!! It's so disrupted with plays, assemblies, etc. that sometimes it's hard to get things done! I will also be using my absolute favorite centers ever...12 Days of a Common Core Christmas! Oh, how I love thee!

And of course I'll be giving one away! Just like my facebook fan page and enter away! I will choose a winner Tuesday! To get to the giveaway, just go to the top of the facebook page and there will be a Giveaway box (after you've liked the page)!


  1. I love the look of your visual plans! Fonts make me happy.
    I hope your week goes by quickly. :)

  2. Your visual plans are beautiful! The Holi-Daze pack looks great, I'm already thinking about things to incorporate into my holidays around the world unit so I will be checking that out. Thanks!

  3. Your plans look great Rachel! You're a doll! I hope your kiddos enjoy the math centers!

  4. Do you sell your visual plan template? Or can you share it with me? jennreynolds2 @ gmail


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