Peek at my Week

So here's a look at our week. I'm linking up with DeeDee and her weekly linky!

I only had 3 days last week and it took forever! So here's to hoping Thanksgiving comes quick!
I am using folktales to introduce maps...I know, sounds weird. But it's all gotta get in! We're just locating the countries in the folktales unit from Deana and Thanksgiving Around the World unit from Little Red.
I am also using Amy's Let's Be Thankful activity pack to break it up a little!

So here's a peek (these are just pictures, links to files are in the post)

in math we are finishing up addition with regrouping They have caught on much better than I anticipated...must be my amazing teaching skills!
I love Tracy's LOL Math practice! So fun! We have a fundraiser concert Monday so it's cutting into math. Perfect for a little LOL fun!

links to other things you see here:
Katie's Sum Fall Fun
and there's always some in here!

and I'm printing up Linda's fantabulous Mayflower Math as we speak! Her stuff is like gold!


notes to the teacher

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