Honey made a boo-boo!

Oh, I screwed up big time!

So, many of you may have seen or even posted these posters in your classroom

{clicking above takes you to my webpage-not to TpT}

I’ve had them posted on my school webpage for about six years…Well, a few months back I figured, hey-I’m seeing them all over the place and should add them as a freebie on TpT. And guess what!? TWO, two of them have glaring errors! I repeated words on Story Structure and Synthesize! Ekk! How does it take SIX YEARS for somebody to tell me!>? Why can I simply not edit my own files! I also made the in Printshop that fyi, has no spell check! No more! Never again!

Since I’ve had bloggy buddies check over my work. I am so embarrassed! I mean-THE Amy Lemons {yea-I pinned it, whatcha gonna say about it! =} has them posted in her room-and they have errors!

So my point is-IF you have them, please go download the NEW ones {I also updated Author’s Viewpoint and added Main Idea per requests}

and if you don’t have them-well-GO GET EM!

Teachers rock!

I wanted to take a moment to thank Laurah at The ESOL Odyssey to setting up a "relief effort" for the students and teachers effected by Hurricane Sandy. She's hosting a linky so go and sign up! You can donate hard goods or your own files

Also, you can help by purchasing Erica's Hurricane file. She is donating all proceeds to those who were effected in her hometown. She's a doll, too!

Enjoy watching news all night!!

This week in my class and vote for me!

and here’s this week’s newsletter! New month-new graphics! yay!
nov news
and here’s a little rundown of last week-minus our Day of the Dead activities because I keep forgetting to take pictures!!
our precious spiders and more research. They really did a bang up job with the papers! The spiders {also from Amy} are a different story! I feel for some of them! Oh yea-I may have entered our board in a contest! Hey, why don’t you click the picture and pin or like our board!?!
my treammie’s Halloween board. She used pumpkin adjectives pack from Kelley at the Teacher Idea Factory {that’s my middle Lamb’s clever one}
as you can see-I did a good job convincing the kiddos to love bats too! data printables from Cara Carroll
directed drawings of webs from a field trip, spider research courtesy of Amy Lemons, and solid, liquid, gas potions from my pack

Our ESL teacher’s altar for her father
and here’s what’s left after a “candy skulls” cookie decorating party! They squeezed the heck out of the gel!


I’ve taken at least 3 naps this week. I swear they were not during school hours…wink wink
No, seriously. I was in bed til 10 today and took a nap. I’m exhausted! Maybe it’s the fact that as I mentioned earlier some crazy teacher thought she could do bats, Halloween-free Halloween, and Day of the Dead this past week, plus on Friday make pretzel skeletons and bake skull cookies! {pictures coming because it was fun}
You see, I don’t like to hang on to something after the fact. Once the week is up, I don’t want to do anything else related to it. I cannot explain it. We didn’t finish If I were a bat writing Friday. But I don’t want to know…I want to do election stuff…whine
But on to something I look forward to about as much as Thanksgiving break…Currently!
cutie font is Hello Birdie!
Minecraft-it has taken over our lives. The boys fight about it. They wake up early to get to play before each other. We have to assign times for playing. Now you may ask yourself why Mr Lamb and I don’t just NOT let them play. Well, you see, we just moved out of a 3 story house {that we just got an offer one woot woot} into my grandparents 1 story house. It’s all I can do not to strangle the men I live with each day. That game saves their lives in my opinion.
loving-like most others, fall is my fav clothing season. I love the colors, boots, jeans, cardis, and jackets! I would wear brown each day! But for some reason all my pants are getting a little tight in the waist…I cannot figure it out either. I mean, I left my wallet and a Krispy Kreme doughnut at school Friday and I’m not sure which one I miss more…the building is locked too.
sad face-it’s something a kid in my class says if something disappoints him. Usually that something is me telling him no to something. I like it. It really says it all. But so I want to use his language or him use mine?? And speaking of my kiddos, they were surprisingly great this week. Not sure if they actually were great or just themselves and everybody else was crazy so we fit in!? I have a roamer issue in my class. I have about 3 girls who are constantly roaming around. My principal commented on my observation how nice it was to see they were comfortable in my class and it was refreshing. I was secretly having a panic attack. I do not like it. What do you do? I used to give popsicle sticks and they had to give them to me if they got up. But them what. Give them a negative in class dojo? I need more! Help!!
wanting and needing are in the eyes of the beholder. Just like your weight. I get eye rolls if I say I feel fat one day at work. But everyone has those days! sad face! I want a new laptop. Nothing really wrong with mine, just would like an updated one. I also have been eyeing the new Crocs my hair dresser just bought. I shuttered a little when she said she ordered Crocs {think big fat foam shoes for the garden} but they have some awesome shoes! Check out the flats and boots!

and yes, I just had a Skinny Cow truffle bar for dinner. They are divine, but not exactly what I want you know.

I'm also kinda needing and wanting to win Amanda's Grateful Bags Giveaway! Have you seen these bags!! Go and enter-or don't. It'll make my chances better! =0

music-last year we listed to Adele every.single.day in class. They begged for it. This year I don’t’ have as much music going. Not sure, but when I do we listen to the Lumineers. I like having music I actually like that doesn’t have inappropriate language. However, they beg to watch I’m Elmo and I know it on YouTube!

I am feverishly kinda working on my upcoming Christmas unit!  I pretty pumped! Fingers crossed I get it finished before Christmas!

taking rachel’s challenge {teaching kindness through tradgedy}

Two weeks ago my teammie and I attended a training session about Rachel’s Challenge. No, it’s not me! This is a foundation {for lack of a better word} started by the family of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine shooting in 1999.


Now, in 1999 I was 17, a senior in high school, and not too concerned about school shootings.

Ironically, Rachel Scott was 17, a senior in high school, and probably not concerned either.

I won’t go into her whole story because frankly the video {see below} tells it all far better. I will say as a parent-this video crushes me. I cannot imagine not knowing if my children were alive or dead for hours upon hours. Calling out to every bus load of survivors. Scanning lists of names to see if my child had gotten out of the school. Even if you are not a parent, you are certainly a teacher!

Here's the link to the video:


The one in particular is RC PROMO, the third one from the left on the top row.

Since the training I have learned more and more about her short, but powerful life. Not only did she write in her journal that this was her last year {written in 1999}-which is amazing enough here are a few more chilling things.

After her death, her family was moving furniture in her bedroom. On the back of her dresser she had traced her hand and written that one day this hand would touch the hearts of millions. She was 13.

A few days after her death a stranger called her father. He said he had been thinking of him and had been having a recurring dream about 13 tears falling onto a book. Her father responded that this didn’t have any meaning and after a little convo, didn’t think anything more about it. Later on her journal {which had a bullet hole through it} was given back to her family. Inside Rachel had drawn a picture of tears. There were 13 people who lost their lives that day…

the whole thing gives me chills.

Here’s the purpose behind this post. As a school team responsible for starting parts of the Challenge Here's how we are starting {for real-this is straight up from the school email!}:

*Chain links - start hanging them in the hall and giving them out for acts of KINDNESS and COMPASSION

*Take your class to sign the Rachel's Challenge pledge banner. 

*Remember that children will have questions about Rachel and some already know how she died. Be honest, but positive and move on to why her life was important and how we can honor her.

*Like "Rachel's Challenge" on Facebook for updates and more information!

Be kind and compassionate! 

Another awesome thing is that all the trainers work directly with the family. Claudia was our trainer.

And here’s the challenges put forth to our school family:

o Look for the Best in Others
o Dream Big
o Choose Positive Influences
o Speak with Kindness
o Start Your Own Chain Reaction

I made a little poster set for my classroom and school fam. Obviously it’s free. Click away below!


interested in more:

There is a substantial number of Public Service Announcements that have recognized speakers.  Here’s that link:


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