the f word

hey, not that word! geez!
I’m finished with the update on my Winter Holidays Scrapbook. Last year it was a whopping 10 pages! Now it is 86! Plus I finally get the power points TpT ready!
It only took 2 weeks and a pending divorce! I was pretty much married to this laptop! But I am oh so happy with the results!
and after!
6 power points, 4 comparing activities
follow-up activities for each holiday, too! My favorite is the Christmas story comics! I can’t wait to see these!

and don’t forget the scrapbook! Full page and half size, color and b/w! It’s all up to you!
If you wanna see it in action-here’s last year’s post. We will do the research Friday and a holiday per day next week! Phew!
and you can get Scrapbook/activities only
Powerpoints only {if you’ve bought the other file already}-but go download the updated file!!!
or BUNDLE and save $3 big bucks!
even though I am benchmarking {which might as well be the B word!} my kids will be meeting our Elf on the Shelf tomorrow, working on Santa letters and using Reagan’s Techy Santa file, and lots from Amy and Hope, too! We are working on fact and opinion and that Baby face Santa is too cute and perfect!!


  1. Your unit looks amazing, Rachel! Might have to scoop it up to go with ours. That menorah page alone is totally awesome!!!!!

    Thanks again for all your help today!

    And yes, Benchmarks are the "B Word"!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

    1. Hey, that's what bloggy friends are for! And that menorah is by far my favorite page. I always have a fav!!

  2. Wow!! That's a ton of work!!! Looks great:)


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