fingers crossed for me!

our home for sale {smack in the middle-2nd up if you are curious…or even interested!! hehe}…just a boring aerial view…


home under contract {fingers-crossed-our-not-so-reliable-sounding-buyer-comes-through-since-our-offer-is-contingent-on-our-house-selling-please} another not so great picture…but this site is fun! Enjoy! fyi-it’s the one on the far left that’s all snowy and out of view…way to go Google Earth!

Mr. Lamb says I need to not get my hopes up, but I drive by a lot sometimes. They changed the sign to sale pending…that’s a sign right!?

Check it out here and they even donate to the less fortunate every time you use it! Not sure what they donate, but it’s still fun!

I’m working hard, like real hard, finishing up the powerpoints/books/file overhaul on my Winter Holidays pack. It’ll be up by December! If you bought it on sale, I am updating that file on TpT so you will get it all, otherwise I will do a bundled pack and separate ones. So get in there and get it while it’s only $5!

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  1. I just came across your blog for the first time. Love it! But what caught my interest is the title I LOVE IT! I just wanted to say it was a breath of fresh air to see a beautiful, professional looking teacher that also has a tattoo. I have 5 and I always get the "why do you keep getting tattoos, you are an educator blah blah blah." Just wanted to say I am happy I stumbled upon your blog. It made me smile. I love the saying "body modifications do NOT change character" Have a nice day. Hop over to my blog if you want to. I'm new to the blog world.


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