my newest obsession {and don't forget the giveaways!}

ah, a three day week last week followed by two days this week. lovely.
wanna know why it was only three days for me last week. Just how did I break through all the red tape and actually fill out all the repetitive paperwork to take off a day that I earned??? huh?!
awesome! Needless to say I haven’t gotten it back yet!
Now on to my obsession.
Insta.gram,, instagram! Whatever you wanna call it!
I downloaded it last April during a field trip and dabbled in it over the summer.
then I discovered teachers are on there! Now teachers are mine kind of people!
then I saw you were snapping pictures of your outfits! Now if only I could get the same angle as Amy does!?
so follow me and I’ll follow you! @rachellamb81
and there’s also a follow gram site if you don’t have it on your phone-I have that link in my sidebar!
here’s what’s up lately
photo 1
photo 2
Some favorite ensembles!
photo 3
MADONNA!!!!!!!!! Amanda was there too. We were one section apart but never saw each other! phooey! And IF YOU EVER get the chance to see the material girl…GO! It was worth all the money my sis’s ex paid for us to go! hahaha! Seriously. broadway. cirque. dance recital. concert. play performance. I got home at 3am and was still jacked up!

photo 4
my little sis and me at the concert. waiting. a.long.time.because it started at 8 and Madonna didn’t come out until 11. But it was great people watching time!
photo 5
Our November board! Finally! Thank you Linda Kamp for this incredibly precious file that my sub, aka my mom, did with the kiddos Friday while I slept!
One more day folks. Don't forget if you need a little last minute freebie to check out my Silly Turkey fraction memory game. I’m rounding out tomorrow with the Mayflower. I’ll show you lots tomorrow!
and before you leave me, a few giveaways are going strong that I am involved with. 
1. My own-win a copy of my 100th product on TpT-12 Days of a Common Core Christmas!


  1. I love your blog. I also have Instagram on my phone. I had no idea that teachers used it and could follow each other. I tried to find you but I don't know what I am doing. Thanks for sharing this tip. I can't wait until I figure this thing out. Check out my blog.

    Grade 2 Happenings

  2. I love that J. Crew sweater with the bird. So cute!

    1. I do too! I've been waiting to wear it...sadly, this is life! hahaha


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