lincoln is not a pilgrim

So I love reading and discussing the first Thanksgiving with 2nd graders. Today we read T is for Turkey, which was new to me, and on the L page it tells how Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official national holiday. They had written a fact prior to rading and then I asked them to write a new fact afterwards. We are sharing, silly kid in the back raises his hand. I’m excited he actually wrote something down. He says, Lincoln was a pilgrim!! all excitedly. Well, not exactly, but who wants to burst a bubble this close to Thanksgiving!?

Here’s a little picture dump of our two day week.


we wrote why we are thankful for our silly family-thank you SOS Ladies! I wrote in my plan to give them a little guide.

then after finishing rewriting the plan into a story, we decorated family photos. Oh my! They are hilarious. And guess what-I found 5 family pictures on Facebook for kids who didn’t send one in! Some others just drew a picture.








Today we made our November Snazzy Snack. I tried something new-it’s called edible Indian corn, but I renamed it sweet and sticky Indian corn. We melted marshmallows, mixed in rice Krispy cereal, dried fruits, rolled in to a little corn cob, then made fruit roll-up husks. Some of them refused to eat it because of the dried fruit. ugh. picky kids…


you can see it was pretty gooey



I LOVE Scholastic’s Thanksgiving site. It’s jam-packed with goodness. Each year I give them a partner, a laptop, and a t-chart to compare Wampanoag and pilgrims, then compare both to their own life.


my teammie made the file, or I’d share. I’ll convince her to add it to her TpT store! and grab this file for next year-it is awesome!!


  1. That is so funny! One of my kids today told me, "I keep thinking Abraham Lincoln was a Pilgrim." They must be on the same wavelength. Haha

    Swimming into Second

  2. How fun! LOVE the family pictures! I'm a new follower. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog.

    WILD About First Grade!


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