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I’ve been “selling” on TpT for about 3 years now. I say “selling” because the first year I made about $10. I just uploaded worksheets I made for free and had a few things for $1. Then last year I worked it out with Deanna Jump and made the 2nd grade CC standards display. They may have helped me take off!
Last  night I uploaded my 100th product! Now I always have things in the works, and I have yet to put up anything from my 7 years in 4th grade expect a few odds and ends for free. In the beginning everything was like a page, no directions, you get it…not too good! My 100th product is also a new adventure as it is a pack of centers. I am not a centers type of classroom. I want to be, real real bad, I just cannot get it together! But I am determined to in December. My kids are finally becoming more independent and I am at a place where I can meet with a GR group for 15-20 mins. {I don’t know how peeps do 10 min groups! I admire you!} The problem with my kiddos is they lack independence. In fact, they are quite dependent. They always want to be right so feel the need to ask me if they are right. It’s annoying. So, my hope is they can engage themselves with centers long enough to not talk to me for a few.
I tortured myself over these centers! I spent about 10 hours yesterday finishing them up. I get so caught up in the clip art, fonts, borders, etc! It’s a disease. But here they are. 12 Days of a Common Core Christmas! 12 math and literacy centers. I am introducing one per day the month of December. I truly love them. They cover everything I’ve taught in math and a good review of language skills. Here’s a looksy
sorry for the blurries. I used picasa for the first time to make my preview and I didn’t get it right I guess!
12 days-001
And in honor of my 100th product going live, I’m hosting a little giveaway. It’s only for the next 2 days, so don’t delay! 5 lucky followers will each receive this pack! And below is a second chance to win!
In preschool my class did a 12 Days of Christmas play. I was terrified. I refused to go onstage. The first person to guess which “day” I represented unsuccessfully wins a copy, too!
That's right! Eight Maids a'Milkin. I still remember the costume...terrified I tell you
Congrats to Kate! First comment was spot on! Your file's on the way!

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  1. Congrats Rachel! My goal is to get 100 products posted too!

  2. What an awesome looking pack! I guess that you were Day 8 and a maid-a-milking..ha :)


  3. Awesome! My guess is that you were six geese-a-laying. :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  4. Wow your centers look great! I'm going to guess that you were representing ladies dancing? I know I wouldn't have represented ANY dance well! :-)


  5. So cute! I hope my Twelve Days of Christmas Common Core Centers wish comes true :)

    primary practice

    1. Hey Rachel, didn't include my email address-primarypractice@gmail.com

  6. hmmm seven lords a leaping? Great packet. It looks AMAZING!!
    The Hive

  7. Congrats on the 100th product. What a fun accomplishment.

    What i have learned

  8. Common Core for Christmas--Great!! Congrats!!! :)


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