The race begins...for fun fluency practice

I mentioned our poetry race last week and had a few requests to share more. Now that we are partially settled in our "tweener" home I have a little time!!
My teammie found the idea over the summer and we ran with it.
What I do: I hand out a typed up poem each Monday. I just visit giggle poetry or break open a Silverstein anthology and break a few copyright laws on the copier. So far we've used homework, oh homework by Bruce lansky and my fish can ride a bicycle by shel Silverstein. They loved them both!
What they do: After cutting out the poem and gluing it in (on the right side only of our notebook) I read it aloud and they follow. Then they read it a few times to themselves. The next day we read it to a partner two times. On Wednesday we go across the hall and read to a few peeps in a different class. On Thursday and Friday we read again to partners. Each time we read it aloud, the listener signs the back of the page. I informed them I am a verified handwriting expert and will know if they sign others' names. They'll try to get away with anything!
A few others things I may include are sending a copy home and having them read to staff members. I don't want to send the notebook because I'm anal about them falling apart in the slightest way.
Now the BIG deal is the trophy. This is comprised of a pack of four mini trophies from the dollar tree hot glued together. It's a big deal y'all! Each Monday morning I count the signatures. The kiddo with the most gets to keep the trophy on their desk for the whole week.
Here's a few pictures. I haven't made anything printable because I'm trying NOT to! The easier the better.
The return. Not only are the using expression like their amazing reader of a teacher, they are memorizing and wanting to copy owns in their writers journals! Who knew poetry and fluency was fun!
Happy reading! I promise to share some goodies soon. I am in the midst of teaching process skills prior to starting our matter unit and am loving what we are doing!


notes to the teacher

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