the chicken bones kid

I have found many odd things in desks in the past 9 years, but Monday was a first!

Math is scooting along swimmingly. I am in need of a set of “secret code cards” from our manipulative kit to demonstrate with. I go to an absent student's desk to grab their math bag. I find a napkin and ever so gingerly nip at it with my finger tips. and out falls…chicken bones…..

GAG! Gag!!

at this point I know I let out a slight scream as they fall into the floor. If one had touched me I would have died…literally. {think Rachel Zoe} Obviously this kind of interrupted the math lesson. But it had to be taken care of. A few kiddos came to my aid. None would touch them either though! We got the little broom and dust pan. I closed my eyes and held my breath while swatting it them. gag

I really for sorry for the kid when they return. Probably be called “the chicken Bones Kid”  for the rest of the year


and yes, I actually took a picture because I had to send it to Mr. Lamb. I refuse to eat anything off a bone. He mocks. I gag

in happier news I can’t wait to share about our new poetry notebooks. My friend Katie told me about a poetry race she found over the summer. I tweaked it so I wouldn’t have to do too much work and the kids are in love! And I’m in love with the expression and fluency!

I’m currently benchmarking all the kiddos on mClass, but here’s a picture only a teacher would understand. Sorting my kids into spelling groups while waiting in the drive thru line! multi-tasking at its best! Looks like 5 groups this year!


So, let’s hear about some odd things you’ve seen in kids’ desks!! I wish I had time to join in the great stuff over at Blog Hoppin’, but I just can’t get it together until at least September!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I was just curious if you are going to be posting about your poetry notebooks? I am interested to hear this poetry race. :)

  2. I got rid of desks about 3 years ago after finding a bag of pickle juice in a desk once, and then reaching in to find a pair of socks that the kid had taken off and "washed" in the toilet when he was in the restroom! That was the end of desks for me!
    Teachin' First

  3. That is disgusting! I would have thrown up! I also dislike eating meat off of bones -glad I'm not the only one.

    One day I was about to leave my room when I found one sock on the floor. How did the kid not notice he or she was only wearing one sock???

    Marvelous Multiagers!

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