weed pie

just some giggles today really. Second graders are excellent sources of laughter.
Today was dirt day at school
we received a grant for planting veggies. We decided that each grade level will have their very own garden. Dressed down in our old duds, we headed out to a common area to begin the process. Our kiddos were in charge of painting soybean oil on the wooden raised beds {who knew this kept buggies out!} and laying landscape fabric. My teammie and I got to use the staple gun! That's the most workout my arms have had in a long while!
after this little bit of fun, we had our green thumbs on so we headed to our garden {our project last year} to pull weeds. It looked horrible! Our sunflowers are HUGE, but to the drooping point and we definitely need more mulch. But boy you tell a kid to pull weeds and they go to town! I supervised from the window.
After about 15 minutes of pulling, one little came up and said we needed to make some weed pie! Hey, whatever makes the day go by!

I'm thinking we need to plant those! Tomorrow I plan towhip up some kind of cutie carrot or broccoli {broccoli man is a clss favorite reading buddy} make some lil' garden cuties after reading my book from IKEA. It's called Heroes of the Vegetable Patch. I read it to my own last week and it's precious! I'll be sure to share!


  1. I love the way you set up your picture collages. Where do you go to get that format? I am trying to upload some pictures to my blog and I wanted to collage them somehow. Any help would be appreciated! I love you blog by the way! It's on my list of the ones I read each week (sometimes several times)!


    1. Great to hear! I used the instagram app on this post but I normally use (and prefer) the pic stitch app. I can cover faces with it too!


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