look what I made...and what I bought!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share the goods I snagged during TpTs sale! I love a good sale and had stocked my wishlist with more than 50 items. But in the end, and after some real deep thinking, I ended up buying just these.

I am so excited to amp up my guided math this year. Last year I only did it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I'll be going all week this year. I picked up all of Hope King's monthly math centers. I chose hers because I knew our curriculum was the same and I wouldn't have to pick and choose!

I also picked up Lesson Plan SOSs Reading Binder add on since I own the rest. I love the rockin' reader craftivity. We will be making those next week as we continue learning the expectations in our classroom for Daily 5.
Unfortunately, I did not know that Kristen {lady bug teacher files} had added genre labels. If you saw my room pictures from Monday, you saw my labels are old and falling off. I used Beth Newingham's labels from the beginnings of my library because they were cute, free, and extensive. But I have grown as a lover of cutieness, and I had to pick up Kristen's! I then saw that Christina Bainbridge created a read with someone pack and got it for 60 cents with my leftover TpT credits!

Now on to what I made. I haven't gotten to post on Tara's Made it Monday in a few weeks, but I had to share my teammate gifts. Last year I made Wooden letters for our doors. This year I obsessed with the burlap signs on etsy! I had to make them!
They were super easy, but messy. I used acrylic on one of them and I highly recommend shelling out for fabric paint because it just glides on the burlap. I had to tap, tap, and tap with acrylic and go over it again. I just folded the fabric over and freehand cut the shapes. Then I had a front and back. I painted them using ideas from etsy, put our names on them, then some ribbon! They are stuffed with grocery bags and glued all around the edges with hot glue. I then cut off the scraps around the edge.  I love them!!!

here's the original pin that inspired me

and here's where I got the lettering to look at. I have to look at someone's font or handwriting and copy it!

Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest

We started partner reading today. They are pretty natural at this! I was pleased!

and just for good humor...here's my own personal child's reading log he fills out...


  1. Ooh, I bought Hope's centers too! I've been cutting and glueing today, hopefully laminating the folders tomorrow. I'm excited to use them. Your kids look like they're doing great with the partner reading!

  2. Looks like things are starting out wonderful! I love partner reading! :) Definitely one of my favorite things to see students doing.

    Reaching for the TOP!


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