sneaky peeky

one is a tattoo inspiration and one will be a blog design…you figure it out!
and here’s what I;m working on this week. It will include an observation booklet, a birth announcement, a daily records calendar and animal friendly experiments! Can’t wait!
I just became an author on Erica Brohrer’s Critters in the Classroom. I LOVE it! I love our students of a different kind and so do my kids! Check it out!
and just cause, here’s a random freebie. I have this attached to a clear “file holder” hot glued to my white board. After we read a book together, I place it here for easy finding. Of course, most don’t make it past the rug these days. Since we went through Questioning, the first question is always can I have that book in my book box? who would say no!?
Read Together Sign

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