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and in case you want to know

my hubs and I are on Day 17 of Insanity
the name really does say it all
I am little, petite, teeny, whatever
but with absolutely no muscle or tone
just genetics have kept me small
my hubby was running for awhile but got tired of it
so he got Insanity from a coworker
We’ve both gained weight, but thighs are not touching for the first time ion 15 years! woot-woot
and I do not work for them! and I have never done a workout program before but working out at home with no equipment is going ok!

thinking-I am revamping all my life cycle stuff
but mainly my mealworm stuff
can’t wait to share
and I just bought my first blog design
I love mine, but there are so many things I want to add and just don’t have patience for
so I will let someone else more talented do it for me!!
I am so excited to see it

I have been wanting a new tattoo for a few months
but wasn't sure how my man would feel about it
I usually wait til he mentions it
then I’m like
oh, I think I’ll get one too!
to see me you'd never think I had a tattoo,
but I got 2 within a month of turning 30 last year
I have chinese characters for elder sister {and my lil’ sis has the match obviously}
and I have 3 stars on my foot for my three boys
I want swallows going along my other wrist or under my forearm…decisions, decisions
I think we are going monday and I just finished drawing my hubby’s

my roots speak for themselves

and I am getting a little addicted to my youngest lately
I really do not want him to get any bigger
he is an absolute hoot and is constantly “on”
and is becoming quite the photog lately

IMG_0322.JPG (2)  IMG_0331IMG_0328.JPG (2)IMG_0325.JPG (2)IMG_0324.JPG (2)IMG_0323.JPG (2)



  1. Cute pics! (slow down time would be good...and speed it up, too =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Ooo a new tattoo!! I have one, shhh! I've always wanted another but I just don't know where/what!! Let me know what you decide :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. I'm anxiously awaiting your life cycle unit... we start that unit in 2 weeks!

  4. Brynne, I hope to get it done by Monday.


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