It's been a fairly uneventful week other than
new hair
new blog design
and a new tattoo!

ok, not such a regular week. but a great spring break so far! I cant believe its almost Thursday!

1. I adore by new blog design. Alicia from Dreamlike Magic was very accommodating. I had very specific things I wanted and she made them even better! Great prices and quick too!

New hair was much needed. My roots were less than attractive. I tried to squeak out 6 weeks so I could go over spring break, but i won't do that again!
here's my big eyes at chili's afterwards. Love.love.love. my birds! and my fresh cut hair!

on to other things.
i just posted a trash tracking challenge for you and your students this week or next...whenever
Last year i gave each student s Ziploc baggie. all trash had to be put in there. no bins or cans were available. at our 10:00 restroom break, we charted everything and recycled what we could and tossed the rest. We also did this at the end of the day. After 3 days, they had a 3 day record of all the trash they make.
We decided if it was trash form things I made them do, or snacks, or just junk from themselves. 
See for your self with this little freebie.
click the Earth to download

I also have a link that we showed our kids after meeting Lynne Cherry.
It is a revision of Michael Jackson's Earth Song and it is beautiful. precious. and tryuly gets the message about saving our planet across.


  1. Wow that was fast! You meant business (tattoo)!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Like the trash activity. I am going to do this with my class.
    Like the tattoo!


  3. LOVE the trash activity! What a GREAT idea!!! (and the tattoo is pretty fabulous, too)

    Runde's Room


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