little bunny boo-boo

the following “before and after” pictures may be too graphic for younger viewers
parental guidance is suggested
IMG_0449  IMG_0450.JPG (2)
My baby bunny Wicket came to visit our class Thursday! How I miss him so. They kiddos were super excited to see him again
you may remember he went to live with a student because I have a 3 year old who plays a little too rough with him at home
all fun! all happy happy joy joy
we’re off to visit class number 3…then
freak out!
it was a little too much excitement for one day
I knew better
he tried to get away and got me instead
all down my chest and stomach
the best part is walking around for the rest of the day looking like it was one wild night the day before
but I still love him so

in other news
I didn’t get to half of what I wanted to accomplish this week
but it’s all good, there is always next year!
here is what we did get to enjoy

Jelly Bean Math

IMG_0433  IMG_0435 

this turned out to be perfect for all my kids. I told them they couldn’t look at the jelly beans when choosing them to prevent all one color, but there is always somebody! we had fun and it was a nice break from plain ol’ regrouping practice. you can grab the freebie to use next year here

IMG_0440.JPG (2)  IMG_0441.JPG (2)

Bunny Tangrams

Using Lesson Plan SOS’s Some Bunny Knows Tangrams, we made bunnies with paper tangrams {among other animals in the book Grandfather Tang’s Story} as I read through the tale, I made the creatures from the book under the doc cam and they made them in the floor. then we all remade the bunny and decorated them. it also has a great explanation of the history of tangrams

IMG_0404  IMG_0405

Jelly Bean Science

I used hope king’s jelly bean experiment at the end of the day. they didn’t want to leave for block class! very eye opening. I am pretty sure I said “wow, that really gross” fifty times as I walked around eating them from the bag…

water, salt water, vinegar left to right. we also did baking soda and sprite, but I didn’t capture those!
you can actually see the Starburst logo in the next picture {and that’s just in water! ew}

IMG_0445.JPG (2)IMG_0444.JPG (2)IMG_0443.JPG (2)

Bunny Basket Snazzy Snack

cutest snack of the year by far! and so easy!
dessert cup, icing, edible easter grass {Target}, peeps, and easter egg candy {we added marshmallows I had leftover in the closet too}




notes to the teacher

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