Pinterest Project Day #3

Today I worked another long day at school, but accomplished a lot. Today’s project is one of them. I spent no money on this one!

Here’s what I pinned:

table 003


What I did:

I started with one of those round $8 tables that K-Mart sells. I’ve had one for-ev-er and usually cover it in fabric. I fell in love with this table and started getting a hankering for Mod Podge!

I spray painted with table Jade {couldn’t find teal anywhere except AC Moore}. Slapped on 2 quick coats and let it dry for a few hours outside.

I printed some recycled magazine flowers from Scrappin’ Cop {if you’re not getting free clipart here yet, you will be!}

I mod podged 2 on today. They wrinkled a little, but I am using the glass top so it will be ok. I an contempleting painting stripes on the top…I do love them! I will definitely be adding some more flowers in the am! I hate to post this project before it’s finished, but this may be all that I do for awhile to it!

IMAG0270  IMAG0271

And here is how my morning was spent…


Yes, that’s a bird. My mom came to help me shampoo my rugs and brought along her new pet she found in her yard. I swear it has imprinted on her…jeez!


  1. Cute table! I love the stripes on the one you pineed...

  2. Love the table and laughed out loud when I read the bird imprinting....toooooo funny! Twilight, right?

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