Taking Attendance

After seeing Abby's post at the Inspired Apple about her amazing attendance board, I went to school with a purpose! I pinned that baby first thing this morning!
Check out the question of the day on Clutter-free Classroom and get your kids talking about data every day!
I went with the owl board Abby used in the past. I have trees all over my room! Couldn't resist! When I taught 4th grade I used my chart stand and turned the math problems from a Scholastic book {that I cannot find for the life of me} as questions. They got pretty tough by year's end. Students recorded their answers, dropped it in a bucket, and at the end of the day we solved together and all the correct answers earned tickets {which was the schoolwide reward at the time}.
I really wanted a fun way to collect data this year, and I hope this will be a hit! I will post a picture soon!

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