Pinterest Projects Day 4 and a guided reading tip!

I felt pretty bad for my bloggy followers about yesterday’s post. It was a short and unfinished project! So to continue the Mod Podge theme with today’s craftivity.
Here’s what I pinned: It’s from Jodi at Clutter-Free Classrooms. Have you been following her redecoration summer? I do not do themes in my room, just color schemes. This year my focus colors are “wicked witch green”, teal, and accented with browns.

I picked up a throw away shelf my son’s kinder teacher used as a listening center. The top 2 shelves are open backed which is where I will store magazine boxes labeled with Fountas and Pinnell levels and fill with readers from Reading A to Z. The bottom 2 shelves are back with tile board. That had to be hidden!
What I did
Spray painted the whole thing green
Found a style of scrapbook paper with the same green in the design. Since it was double sided, I used one color on the top shelves and the alternate backside on the bottom shelves. This was the tricky part for me. I had to use an Xacto knife to trim off the bottom, I then used that piece as my guide. I used Elmer’s spray adhesive on the tile board backing then carefully lined up each piece. I am happy with the overall look I think. The group baskets will cover some uh-ohs I made.
Now for a little tip on labeling baskets for your guided reading groups. A few years ago I found adhesive floppy disc holders at Office Max. I planned to use them for labeling my library baskets, but I knew I would not need to ever change out those labels. That’s when it hit me! I slapped the label on sideways so the opening would be at the side and easy to change out. I added a piece of scrapbook paper to match the new shelves. Then I put my kiddos names and F&P level on cards that I can slide in and out as groups change! SO easy!
Here are the bottom 2 shelves I backed with paper. This is where my groups notebooks, resources, and books I have pulled for GR with be. On the top 2 open shelves that you cannot really see with be magazine files filled with leveled readers.
I think it will work nicely! I still have to pull out leveled readers from our basal series, our old basal series, and A to Z books I use!
Tomorrow: Pinteresting Bulletin Boards! Cause I am almost done with my versions!


  1. Wait, what?! They still manufacture floppy disk holders?! Was this a fluke that you found them, or is this something that I could probably find at my local store? I am seriously shocked right now, but that is a GREAT idea! :)


  2. haha! I found them at Office Max right with the other adhesive holders believe it or not. They are the perfect size so I bought all they had. They'll probably never restock!


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