Wishlist Wednesday: Word Sort Activities!

this week's most wishlisted product are my word sort activities that can be used with any word list!
that means this is half off today! and on sale the rest of the week as well!

you can read about our spelling routine here
so clean out your wishlists!
and I am super excited to have my first spot on Eleventh Ave. (also Groopdealz)
it's so cool!
and I have these hanging in my office, too!

wishlist wednesday: genre posters!

Today starts Wishlist Wednesday with Jen at The Teachers' Cauldron!
Each week we will put our top wish listed item on sale.
I start at the #1 most wish listed then move down the list!

TODAY ONLY both genre poster sets are half off!
Thursday through next Tuesday they will be 20% off!
so even if you miss the deal, you have some more time

Here's some pictures from of my favorite bloggers!

here's my display above-sorry, that's like the darkest picture in the world!

here's how Natalie displayed them in her classroom-like me, Natalie chose just the genres she teaches

Michelle uses them on her focus wall

and Jen used them in a huge Venn on her wall

if you'd like to play along or just shop some more deals, visit Jen's link up!

Monday Made It: easy peasy silhouettes

I'm linking up with Tara for my first Made it Monday of the summer!

These are our silhouettes displayed for Leadership Day. I actually took their profile pictures on the first week of school intending to make these and never got around to it! They are the most precious things ever!
oops! I think I deleted my pictures! ah!

Everyone added I am a Leader  to their papers since this was a Leader in Me project, but you could add names or anything else for that matter! We typed all of the roles we play in Microsoft Word and printed them. I had them add a border around each word as well to give them something to cut! Then we colored each one and cut them out, glued around our silhouette, laminated, and wa-la! Next year I will do this earlier and leave them displayed all year long. 

Five for Friday (EOY Fun and Slideshow Edition)

Today was work day number one!
I got absolutely nothing so much done!
I found out my teammie and I would be moving classrooms/hallways.
So 2nd grade will have two rooms on one hallway
and the 2 of us will be on another hallway
I must say I'm kinda excited
I've been in my classroom for 5 years and it needs a good purging!
I threw every single thing from my file cabinet away
I'm not bring the file cabinet with me!
We both bought binders for filing
and I'm hoping it will help us remember what we already have!

I am the ultimate procrastinator. Tuesday night I was up until 1AM working on our slideshow for Awards Day the next morning! Why or why do I do this every.single.year? 
I really didn't think I would get emotional either, but I needed Kleenex just making the damn thing!
It's funny how memories make you miss someone so much
I used Smilebox again this year
and it was the first time I ever bought songs for the slideshow
I usually just use what they have
which is a lot
but I just found the perfect trio!
SMilebox is just so freakin' easy!
I click add song and wa la!
easy to share through email, facebook, blogger, twitter, wherever!
I generate a link and emailed it to parents
I also chose to disallow sharing on facebook
I like having that option since not everyone wants their kid's face on there
And with Smilebox's Teacher Toolbox program, you can get it for a whole year free!
Lots of the designs are free anyhow though
Just my opinion here, they are not paying me to tell you all this
though Smilebox, if you want to just email me! 


The Carson Dellosa Lookbook was mailed out this week
Guess who's in there???
She's fake blonde.
She has some tattoos.
She is wearing a strange headband on the back cover.
and some amazing other bloggers!
Cheryl from Primary Graffiti
Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files
Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade
Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures
Erin from Kleinspiration
yea, I know! right?!
I was like the odd new girl among the popular ones!
But guess what?
they are human just like me!
and simply the sweetest!

I was very lucky to be asked to work with CD this year
this was the 2nd year they had teacher bloggers design rooms for them
I won't lie
it's hard to design a whole room in 2 days
including planning and shopping!
But we did it!
Monday the interactive online version will be posted and I'm pumped!
I mean, this is as close to famous as I'll ever be so it is exciting!
My room was also on the email you *hopefully* received about their annual contest!
I'll be sharing more soon!

My babies all finished up school last Friday,
so I was the only person in the house that had to get up before 6AM!
But my how they have changed in the past 10 months...

But these crazy boys aren't my only kids!
This right here is why I love my job most every day!
this gorgeous young lady was in my first 2nd grade class
and she "graduated" 6th grade yesterday
so we said goodbye
so sweet
and bittersweet
and that cutie is another one of my babies!
oh! some kids you just never get over
Happy Friday Everybody!

five for friday (last friday of the school year!)

now=super cuteness.
they had to hatch in the boys bathroom at home!
they were sad to see them go!
the doggies probably were too!
always adventure
read more about hatching quail here

later=kinda icky
these are the quail we hatched 2 years ago. 
they now enjoy a life at the local park.

loving the new outdoor classroom
but it looks like a little church with a pulpit and pews!
it was an eagle scout's project
this was ice cream day
I love that boy's face!
this was the second day of our 10 days countdown 
that used to be a 26 day ABC countdown
until we 
a. got smart
b. or broke
c. or exhausted
d. all of the above
which you can read more about ice cream day here, other days here, here, and more here
3rd grade day, olympics day (on years when there are summer olympics), and so on.
having a new theme keeps me the kids excited and interested into June, which is hard. for me.
we read scholastic news articles, a cool snack each day, and a daily coloring contest which has really kicked it up a notch this year!)

here's the rundown of what themes we do each year:
art day (rice krispy treat paintbrushes, paint canvases, color famous paintings)
dino day (fossil cookies, trading cards, who would win comparing)
beach day (sandy dessert cups, towels, buddy reading, beach boys on the radio)
3rd grade day (multiplication-arrays, EOG practice test)
outdoors day (trail mix, sidewalk chalk, exercising on gonoodle)
ice cream day (ice cream!, ice cream glyph, astronaut ice cream comparing)
game day (last day)
awards and memories day (brunch, slideshow, and candy awards)
sports day (usually field day)
un-birthday day (party planning activity, birthdays around the world mini unit, and eat cake for summer b-days)

sneak peek at my design for carson-dellosa's lookbook!

both boys finished up their regular seasons
we do get two days off before all-star season!
I'll miss it when it's all over
but it's hard to think that way when it's 110 degrees!

I still have 4 more days, but this is the last friday! 
So farewell to Kacey's linky for a few
this linky is all I post most weeks!
bless y'all who still read this ol blog!

free watercolor desktop wallpaper

Hi y'all!
I'm sharing a little wallpaper I made awhile back today.

A few weeks ago I shared a wallpaper I made for myself.
I like to have my desktop organized
and when I use an organization wallpaper, I am more apt to move stuff around or trash it!

Of course, there's files on there now!

I had a few requests to share it so here ya go!
It is blank
I figured you may want to make your own headings!

and here's how to add your labels in powerpoint
and I'm sure in any other photo editing software you may have!

open the png file in powerpoint

double click to add text OR Insert > text box
watercolors from angiemakes

If you want the same look, you'll need to have the following two fonts...

and if you'd rather not pay for Catalina, here's a few other options
however, they are all sans serif fonts
"sans" meaning without, meaning they do not have little ticks on the ends!
Megan taught me you should have a sans serif paired with a serif font!

here's some quick links to the fonts above
1. Janda Stylish Script (free for personal use)
2. Catalina Anacapa slab ($10 for this specific one-or get it in this bundle!)
3. Amatic (free)
4. Mathlete (free)
5. Always here (free for personal use)

and speaking of that font bundle...
let me tell ya.
and font bundles are killing me!
but it is such a deal and can you really have too many fonts?
This bundle is only $27!
the Catalina font family alone is almost $400! 

say what?!

I also just picked up this bundle from the hungry jpeg

there always some fonts I have wishlisted over at creative market
and if I'm lucky, I'll snag them in a bundle!

My favorite font stops are:
Creative Market (my achilles heel these days!)
and the hungry jpeg is the newest one!

I hope you find something you love and enjoy the wallpaper!!

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