Five for Friday (EOY Fun and Slideshow Edition)

Today was work day number one!
I got absolutely nothing so much done!
I found out my teammie and I would be moving classrooms/hallways.
So 2nd grade will have two rooms on one hallway
and the 2 of us will be on another hallway
I must say I'm kinda excited
I've been in my classroom for 5 years and it needs a good purging!
I threw every single thing from my file cabinet away
I'm not bring the file cabinet with me!
We both bought binders for filing
and I'm hoping it will help us remember what we already have!

I am the ultimate procrastinator. Tuesday night I was up until 1AM working on our slideshow for Awards Day the next morning! Why or why do I do this every.single.year? 
I really didn't think I would get emotional either, but I needed Kleenex just making the damn thing!
It's funny how memories make you miss someone so much
I used Smilebox again this year
and it was the first time I ever bought songs for the slideshow
I usually just use what they have
which is a lot
but I just found the perfect trio!
SMilebox is just so freakin' easy!
I click add song and wa la!
easy to share through email, facebook, blogger, twitter, wherever!
I generate a link and emailed it to parents
I also chose to disallow sharing on facebook
I like having that option since not everyone wants their kid's face on there
And with Smilebox's Teacher Toolbox program, you can get it for a whole year free!
Lots of the designs are free anyhow though
Just my opinion here, they are not paying me to tell you all this
though Smilebox, if you want to just email me! 


The Carson Dellosa Lookbook was mailed out this week
Guess who's in there???
She's fake blonde.
She has some tattoos.
She is wearing a strange headband on the back cover.
and some amazing other bloggers!
Cheryl from Primary Graffiti
Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files
Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade
Erica from Erica's Ed-Ventures
Erin from Kleinspiration
yea, I know! right?!
I was like the odd new girl among the popular ones!
But guess what?
they are human just like me!
and simply the sweetest!

I was very lucky to be asked to work with CD this year
this was the 2nd year they had teacher bloggers design rooms for them
I won't lie
it's hard to design a whole room in 2 days
including planning and shopping!
But we did it!
Monday the interactive online version will be posted and I'm pumped!
I mean, this is as close to famous as I'll ever be so it is exciting!
My room was also on the email you *hopefully* received about their annual contest!
I'll be sharing more soon!

My babies all finished up school last Friday,
so I was the only person in the house that had to get up before 6AM!
But my how they have changed in the past 10 months...

But these crazy boys aren't my only kids!
This right here is why I love my job most every day!
this gorgeous young lady was in my first 2nd grade class
and she "graduated" 6th grade yesterday
so we said goodbye
so sweet
and bittersweet
and that cutie is another one of my babies!
oh! some kids you just never get over
Happy Friday Everybody!


  1. Wow! To be in Carson Dellosa's Lookbook, congrats! How fun is that. We are switching rooms this year too and I am excited to set up and like you said purge some old stuff. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend.

  2. I saw you in the lookbook!! That is so exciting!

    Shine on in First Grade


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