Day 8 Winner's Choice! and some Holiday Updates!

SO yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all winner's choice from Jessica and I! and there are TWO chances to win! Just enter the raffle copters below! 

and right in time, you can snag this HUGE UPDATE for HALF PRICE tonight! or enter to win it! I took forever to update this because I kept thinking about what I needed to practice or review, and thinking of new games! And some of those I decided to leave out will be right in you TpT inbox as freebies! 

It still includes 10 centers, but they are more challenging, more appropriate for 2-3 grade (I first made these when I moved to 2nd grade, so I know a little more now!), and much more pretty! 

Now go and enter! Saturday is the BIG Day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited!!! Thank you Rachel!!!!!


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