Think Win-Win! with DonorsChoose!

Ok y'all!
My classroom needs a projector!
This old lady's eyes are tired of squinting!
and it's causing crow's feet, too
so half my DonorsChoose project will be funded IF the other half is funded this weekend!
awesome, right?!
So here's my win-win offer
I will match ANY amount you donate to our project with credit to my tpt shop!
Now, I know my shop isn't Neiman Marcus, but maybe there's a few things you'd like??
It's a win-win! You make a tax deductible donation AND get products; we get to see things!
Just email me at after your donation (Aug. 22-24 ONLY) and I will get you your stuff!!
Thank you!


  1. I LOVE the superhero clip art! Can you tell me where it's from? Our school theme this year is superheroes. Thanks!


  2. Congratulations on getting your project funded! I was just checking out your shop the other day and you have TONS of cute stuff! Have so much fun with your new projector.
    I Want to be a Super Teacher


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