2014 Classroom Reveal pictures!

Well, I have lived in the room for a week now and so far it is my favorite room I have decorated! I took out all the reds and pinks from last year (I used Schoolgirl Style's Summer Soiree) and just stuck with the blues (I use a few things from her Paisley, Turquoise, Blue and Green line)! I love how it tones down my green wall! There's still a few areas that need some work and that's ok! Sometimes there are things I want to try, then I meet the kiddos and it's not for them. So I don't fret about a few areas! The new rug really brings all the blue together, too! I think their favorite thing is the screen saver-it looks like lightning!
here's the view when you walk in. 
this is my closet and one group area to the left of the door. This area is not well defined right now! It will change as I figure out a few things! I covered the closet door in fadeless paper from pacon! I love how it looks!
Wood grain fadeless paper from pacon
mirror from IKEA
orange chalkboard from Hobby Lobby (clearance last summer)
artwork mats from Michaels 
green wrapping paper from Target
royal blue border from pacon
book tub from Target (beverage tub)
giant flowers from Hobby Lobby
pink desk and chair from IKEA
Books in the Spotlight sign from Amanda Nickerson
Author posters from Amanda Madden
poms from Schoolgirl style

facing the door

this is the area right beside the door. It's a cabinet area and I set my mailboxes on the counter to save some space that I don't use anyhow.
I also remade our School Expectations matrix and just included the classroom ones. the whole poster was too jumbled to see!
Mail center from Really Good Stuff (it's covered in teal duct tape)
artwork from Hobby Lobby
Navy striped border covers the ugly cork strip (Teacher Created Resources)

this is the front of the room
I have 19 kids, so there are 3 "table groups" I added a table to the front of each to keep table supplies on instead of in their desks. I love it so far!
The crates above the cubbies WERE going to be my files last year, but they have literally set there empty. I took out all my red and pink, so when I can open my closet again, these will be put away!
I didn't get a picture of that area, but there are 2 student computers and our 7 Habits display above them. 
schedule cards on the board from Ladybug Teacher Files
word wall alphabet from my shop
word wall sight words from Darlin' Little Learners
clock minute labels from Amy Lemons
Reading board title letters from SchoolGirl Style
Fix Up strategy posters from Amy Groesbeck (I printed them 11x17 at Office Max)
paint cans from Michaels (bridal section)
can inserts from Schoolgirl Style

I loved this borrow bucket idea from Natalie and Rachelle! Each table has one and it has glue bottle (students have their own glue sticks), extra pack of crayons, scissors, and pencils.

this is my corner. It has already changed a tad from this picture! I added two more drawer sets and made new labels from them so they'd match.

teacher toolbox labels from Schoolgirl Style (three different sets-teal, lime, red)
big birds are cut from scrapbook paper and mod podged on the back of a bookcase I threw out!
frames from Michaels and Hobby Lobby
subway art from Hope King
book hospital ambulance from Hobby Lobby
Sterlite basket from Target
picture book bins from Really Good Stuff (neon blue)
library labels from Ladybug Teacher Files
Darth Vader is a bank from Old Navy. He keeps my box tops safe.
and yes, that's my Sanrio pencil box!

my desk! LOVE my desk!

Desk and green chair from IKEA
bucket from Target (easter bucket)
our printer was a donorsChoose project
lamp from Hobby Lobby (it has all my Wizard of Oz figures from McDonalds)
framed a card for some artwork! 
math board letters from Schoolgirl Style
lime, rich blue, and azure bordette from pacon
rich blue fadeless paper from pacon
my double drawer cart is under the desk and holds math manipulatives with my labels

I painted these ceiling tiles a couple of years ago with some friends and hung them for awhile. I popped them back in the ceiling this year above my desk! I love it and now I have two new ones to paint!

this is the end of the built ins that hold fiction books. Right now the writing center is home to all our books that will be passed out to students! I covered all my cork boards in paper and border so they'd look like my bulletin boards.

punctuation posters from Lindsey Kuster
What do Writers Write pencil from the teacher wife
desk and stools from IKEA

here's the window area beside the writing center

rug from walmart
student book boxes from Really Good Stuff

this is beside the student book boxes. This is my guided reading area. This board will hold our word chunks from Letterland as we learn them (poster is also letterland). Einstein over there is my favorite poster in the room! He's 5 feet tall! and I found a little "do the math" sign on a notebook one year and made a name tag for him! This was open house night so all the school supplies are thrown in the baskets. I also did not have the seats out yet.

Number line from Carson Dellosa
touch point numbers I cut from scrapbook paper
evidence display from Leslie Ann 
I printed the title Evidence = Proof on the printer
chevron rug from target garden section
cart from IKEA

This is the rug area and focus board. I have written our daily agenda on the back of the chart stand each morning this week and we go through it during morning meeting. I am loving it!

Rug from Target (this one is close)
the calendar is gone now and replaced with a pocket chart one
Month labels and round alpha from SchoolGirl Style
I keep my old curtain rods from our first house to use as pointers to use on the number line! 
Job chart from my shop
tiny clothespins holding "leaders" and ribbon from Michaels
chart stand from Really Good Stuff
chair from Hobby Lobby
clipboard bucket from target
crates from Michaels (I spray painted them navy)
number word display from Amy Lemons
woodgrain fadeless paper and rich blue bordette from pacon

I haven't gotten a picture of the area beside this yet! oops! It's the nonfiction library. 

Well, I'm off to nap now! Week one is done, and so is my brain!


  1. wow! looks beautiful and functional! The best of both worlds. Just out of curiosity, how many students do you have?

  2. Your room is soo awesome!! And it looks so big compared to mine...lol. Hope you have a great year! :)

  3. Amazing room and I am so jealous of only 19 students!!!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. Love your room! We used some of the same school girl style decor and chevron contact paper. Great minds think alike! I love the stools from Ikea and the book bins from Really Good Stuff. I now have more to add to my shopping list...it never ends! Hope you have a great year! You're kids are so lucky to have such a great teacher!

    Rambling About Reading

  5. I love seeing classrooms! Thanks for the peek into yours! You have done so much work, it looks beautiful! :)


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