Sunday Smorgasbord of Scavenger Hunt Tips!

Hey Y'all!
What a week!
My sunday smorgasbord will be a bunch of tips to help you out with the BH Scavenger Hunt! I hope you are playing along!

I mean, are you LOVIN' the #bloghoppin2014 Scavenger Hunt!?!?
I may not be eligible to win, but oh my, I have definitely been hunting!
you can find all the deets by clicking the picture below!

I thought I'd share a few tips for getting your 105+ points!

It's your summertime! You want to be with your fam and win some amazing prizes, right?! So use who you have around! Look at @kimberlee_lynn's photo! Awesome! and even my hubs played along at Chili's last night!

Lots of you have made your own awesome little signs! We love them! @skteacher8 put hers on a lanyard! now she has it at the ready! Smart girl! You do not have to use the one provided! I have used a post-it, an old receipt, and napkins!

@teachinglittlesmarties added her name to her sign! That way, no one can snag it! #nocheating! And @vvoegtli puts the number on hers so she'll know how many points she's earned!

And as I said, make this family time! Hubs had to shave, so he made a little handlebar stache for me before he finished! whatta doll! And my middle lamb walked to the stop sign down the road and took a picture...because sometimes you can't take a selfie!

and just why are we all jamming up IG? to win this (and others TBA too!!)



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